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Hello, and welcome to Never Too Old to Chase a Dream.  I am creating this site and blog  for several reasons.  The first is that I want to share my journey with those of you who might be interested.  At 57½ years old, I came to the stark realization that the life I was living was NOT THE LIFE of which I HAD DREAMED as a child.

What was my childhood dream life?

In truth, I always always always wanted to be a performer and a writer.  Did I say that I ALWAYS wanted to be a performer?  I just wanted to throw that in, in case I didn’t…. I didn’t care what KIND of writer and performer (though I realized fairly early on that ballerina was probably not in my future (that didn’t stop me from trying those ballet steps in magazines and books I read voraciously, though!)).  I simply wanted to perform—to act, to do comedy, to make a living with my talent rather than my typing and office skills, which is what I’ve done for almost 40 years.  And having that revelation at 57+ wasn’t the first time I had had that same realization.  When I was 30—with a 5-year-old born with spina bifida and tethered cord syndrome—I had realized I wanted to act, and actually set that dream in motion.

Then Life Just Knocked Me Downlittlemadepeg

When I first realized—at 30—that I wanted to act, I made a few calls to find out how on earth I might begin such a pursuit.  On advice, I got an agent, had photos done, began taking acting and theater classes, studied video technique, improvisation, and began to perform some around town.  At the time, there weren’t a lot of women in Nashville marketing themselves as large and luscious, sexy and super-sized, and I began to be cast, even to be recognized on occasion.  What a treat!  I was the leading lady on the Rotation Diet Video (during the Dr. Katahn diet fad), had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Sean Penn and James Foley (the Director) and was actually cast in At Close Range, which, in addition to Sean Penn, starred Christopher Walken and Mary Stuart Masterson and featured David Straithairn (whom I simply adore) and Keifer Sutherland.  Check out the imdb profile of this movie here.    But due to reasons beyond my control (an overly aggressive cameraman assaulted Mr. Penn and the Nashville production was cut short), I didn’t get to work in that film.

Next, I was considered for a role in Rhinestone, starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone.  This time, the weather interfered with the filming schedule and that role went down the tubes.  And THEN, Honky Tonk Man, starring Clint Eastwood… but having to be at the hospital for my daughter’s spine/kidney/bladder surgeries prevented my accepting that role, and the wind was knocked right out of my sails.  I quit pursuing acting altogether.

The next several years were just hard.  I was a single mother struggling to support a child with BIG medical issues, and there was never enough money to go around.  Just when I thought I could pay my $80 light bill, some physician would need $80 in order to treat my daughter for something, and I’d be on the phone with the light company, begging for just another day or two to pay, practically turning my panties inside-out to prove that I wasn’t hiding money somewhere, and promising to pay ….  I was on a first-name basis with so many of my creditors!  I mean, I didn’t hide from them—that wouldn’t do any good because I was always findable:  I was either at home or at work (any of my 3 jobs) or somewhere between.  Living that kind of life made for some really funny and poignant stories, I can assure you.

Life Goes On… and then SURPRISE!  I Got the Acting Bug Again!

The struggles went on, years rushed by, and around 2009, I was forwarded a casting notice for a show casting a very large (300+ pounds) brunette.  I submitted my picture, and within minutes the casting people called, wanting me to meet the director.  As a result, I was cast as the LEAD in a crime re-enactment segment on America’s Most Wanted.  Here’s the link for the heinous criminal I portrayed and my imdb link showing how I looked on the show (just before “beating a child with a 2×4”).   (Be sure to scroll through the photos!)

And yes, I got the acting bug again!  The AMW shoot was GREAT!  I met wonderful people, worked talented Nashville actor Santiago Cirillo, met the terrific law enforcement and medical personnel working so hard on this case, and was very proud of my work.

Since doing AMW, like most actors, I have auditioned for WAY more parts that for which I have been cast, but I am always optimistic and upbeat.  Last spring, Robert and I decided that when he’s out of school, we’ll move to Hollywood, California in order for me to pursue my acting career full-time.  One day, though, I realized that we hadn’t “run it by God” for his approval and blessing, so I spent a Thursday in prayer and meditation, asking for a sign that this decision was something that God approved.  Three days later, on Sunday, I got a call from my agent:  I had been cast in a movie.  They forwarded the script, wanted me to be in Louisville the next morning for filming, and were putting me in a hotel that evening, so I packed up and took off.  The name of the movie:  “ACTS OF GOD.”  To see the full cast, click here.

And now I Have Work to Do:

So, having received the approval of the Highest, now I have work to do.  There are plans to be made, so many things to be done.  It occurred to me that my journey in chasing my dream all the way to Hollywood should be shared because there are so many people who hesitate to chase their dreams.  It’s scary…  there’s so much uncertainty… and my goal with this site is two-fold.  I want to help other people who have dreams to chase, whether it’s helping put them in touch with someone who has some knowledge to offer or by helping to problem solve or just giving a word of encouragement to take the steps toward their dreams.  And I hope to create enough income through my website that I can move to Hollywood and not HAVE to type for attorneys.

And that’s it for now…  Please come back often!  I will be writing, chasing dreams and writing articles on other people who are living their dreams.  I also want to hear from you:  are you living the dream? Have a dream to chase?  Is there something standing in the way of your dreams?  We can all work together and help each other achieve our life’s greatest dreams.  It’s my journey and I want so much to share it with you.  Thanks for being here!

Dream Big!


Once A Performer, Always a Performer