Acts of God Movie Pre-Sale!

Acts of God–the movie directed by Shane Sooter in which I play the role of Claire Beatty–is now available!  There are several versions available:  pastors’ version, small study group version, journal version and the plain ole movie version.  There’s an interesting story behind the casting on this one.

In May, 2012, Robert and I decided that when he finished school (because that’s been his life-long dream and we were able for him to get his education in photography without incurring additional debt! hooray!), that it would be time for me to pursue my dream.  Thus, we decided to move to Hollywood and eventually set a tentative schedule for that move.  And one Thursday afternoon, I realized we’d made this huge life decision without running it by God, so I spent that afternoon in prayer and meditation, really seeking guidance on what we should do.

Now, something you may not know about me is this:  I don’t understand subtle.  I don’t recognize it.  I don’t loosely interpret things as being “signs from God,” and I truly have to get a message that is undoubtedly clear.

Three days later–on a Sunday afternoon–my agent called to tell me I’d been cast in a movie, which was filming the next day in Louisville.  So I hurriedly made arrangements for a replacement at work for two days, packed my bag, printed off the script, sent my supervisor an e-mail, and off we went to the hotel where the cast and crew were staying.  On the way to Louisville, I opened the script and saw the name of the movie:  Acts of God.

And everything about the filming was just GREAT.  The people were great, the atmosphere was great, the make-up lady and hairdresser were both delightful… it was a wonderful experience.  And actually, once I saw the name of the movie, that’s exactly what I expected.

Couldn’t have been much clear than that, now, could it?

Thanks for being here!



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