Chasing A Dream: Beginning Year 2

A year ago today, Robert and I left the Grand Canyon bright and early and drove into LA for what would be our Dream Chasing adventure. There are so many things we could not have anticipated or even imagined, and we have accomplished and experienced so much, including:

  • closing on a home in 19 days
  • attended red carpet events (yes, ON the red carpet)
  • Robert has photographed Hollywood events (see here and click on “Portfolio” to see some of the photos)
  • we’ve had another post card order out of Nashville
  • we’ve met and enjoyed the company of numerous producers, casting directors, actors, writers, crew members and more

    A single Medjool date.. bigger than your thumb and wonderful

    A single Medjool date.. bigger than your thumb and wonderful

  • I’ve been cast in five roles (one of which is still on hold), including movies, short films, a television series and a commercial and each role has led to working with very talented and wonderful people, and I’ve played sweet to scary!
  • we’ve visited pre- and post-Rose Bowl festivities
  • we’ve picked oranges from the tree in our front yard
  • we’ve enjoyed FRESH picked and locally grown Medjool dates (oh, my! These are nature’s candy!)
  • I’ve heard the words “I hand-picked you for this role” from a producer/casting director
  • I’ve taken classes and seminars taught by some GREAT teachers and presenters, including Rock Riddle (and his many excellent presenters), Gwyn Gilliss and Chambers Stevens, where I not only received great training but met folks who were interesting and warm
  • I’ve shopped where there are palm trees, visited world-famous Rodeo Drive, and driven through Beverly Hills (doing the Pegram, Tennessee gawk at some of the homes there)
Medjool Dates... nature's candy

Medjool Dates… nature’s candy

The Year in Summary

It’s been a year of mostly elation with just a little bit of disappointment thrown in. I couldn’t have imagined what the move would do FOR my attitude or TO my body. I am proud of the fact that I found the courage to chase my dreams. I am thrilled with being in Los Angeles County. I love waking up with a view of the mountains and pleasant weather every day. In addition, all the stressors (the move, selling two homes, financial issues, leaving a secure job for the unknown, dealing with health insurance and retirement income and the distance from my family and friends) have thrown my fatigue into a tailspin.

Looking Forward to Year Two

I am happily anticipating a successful second year. We have both passed Notary Public and Loan Specialist examinations and have received our commissions. I am meeting and networking with people and PLAN on being cast in a great comedic role that will make me an “overnight success.” I already have two of my lip-sync songs chosen for the Jimmy Fallon show, and intend to entertain and amuse with family stories and my twisted sense of humor. I’m working on the editing phase of my first completely fictional novel and planning podcast and vlogs and storytelling events. So stick around… it’s an interesting chase!  Thanks for being here!



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