Chasing a Dream: Having FUN!

Anyone who has read my blog more than a time or two has heard me say that dream chasing is hard work; but I have to say that the BEST part of chasing my dream is that it’s FUN!

Filming Is Fun

I don’t care what side of the filmmaking you’re on, it’s just plain FUN.  The director has pictured in his or her mind how the film should look with, perhaps, a vague notion of the appearance of the actual characters performing the roles.  Imagine having your vision come to life right before your very eyes!  And a number of people contribute to the vision:  producers and casting people who select the actors to make the vision happen; production people whose attention to lighting, staging the set, selecting just the right wardrobe items, and so many other things, everyone working toward a common goal of bringing that vision about.  And then there’s your actor:  ready to perform at your instruction.  They’ve been made up and dressed to meet your vision; they’ve been placed in the setting of the scene; they’ve been properly lighted, with just the right background, and now it’s time…  the director gives direction, the mark is noted, and everyone hears, “Quiet on the set, we’re rolling… ACTION!”

As an actor, these are words I love to hear!  THIS is what I’ve trained for, what I’ve dreamed of… and I perform whatever is directed of me.  Sometimes I’ve been given the direction simply to “beam” as in Acts of God.  Sometimes I’m improvising a scene, like a telephone conversation on America’s Most Wanted, or beating a child with a styrofoam 2×4.  Sometimes I’m eating fried chicken and screaming at

Sometimes I play a sweet, round little granny.

Sometimes I play a sweet, round little granny.

children, like last week’s episode of My Haunted House.  The actual direction I’m given doesn’t really matter.  I’m a professional actor, I will perform my role to the best of my ability, hit my light, not block other actors, stay on my mark, meet whatever timing requirements there are or moods I must portray, and do it as if it’s natural.  I will strive to make you believe I’m a child-beating skank, a mouth-smacking, chicken-eating terror, or a sweet little round granny.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I love, and I’m having FUN.

Working with Professionals

I must also say that when I’m working with film industry professionals, it’s refreshing and exciting.  Everyone LOVES their jobs—I’ve never found that to be true in any other industry, from the field of law (where there’s an awful lot of eye-rolling and big sighs) to the auto industry (where people drag their feet and try to think of some body part they can live without to get time off work) to the children’s entertainment industry (where clowns are notoriously weird or psychotic).  By and large, filmmakers LOVE what they’re doing.

The gang I worked with yesterday were young and energetic and welcoming and laid back.  We laughed and had a great time and got the job done.  What a neat experience!

I can hardly wait for more!

DREAM BIG!  Really big!

Thanks for being here!


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