Chasing a Dream: Just Be Nice!

All along the dream chase, there are lessons to be learned, and this week’s lesson was “Just Be Nice!”  So, here’s the story.

This Week’s Happenings

You first need to know that I was filming my first principal role in a SAG feature film this week.  The day was a literal emotional rollercoaster.  From the excitement of the blossoming possibilities for my future to the nervousness of the enormity of it, I was a bundle of raw emotion.

When I got to the set there were well over 100 people arriving who were fashionably and impeccably dressed, and the room was abuzz with energy.  In fact, people who are not actors probably don’t realize that it’s the energy of the room on which actors thrive.  The energy can feed or destroy you; it can stimulate or aggravate you.  I believe one of the most important lessons is learning to extract the good energy and use it in a positive way, and let everything else fall away.  None of the “me-me-me” stuff and pettiness and pickiness and judgment has any place on a movie set. Everyone is there for the good of the project, from the director to the assistant whose primary job is to provide water for the actors.  And everyone wants to be appreciated for their contribution.

Don't Make Me Tell You Again!

Don’t Make Me Tell You Again!

Late in the afternoon of filming, I saw a background cast member create a bit of confrontation and display attitude over the tiniest of issues, where he gave a production assistant a hard time for doing exactly as she had been instructed.  Fortunately, she—the production assistant—was professional and personable and didn’t allow his attitude to provoke her, which made me realize it wasn’t her first encounter with rude background members on the set.

I guess the thing about the entire incident that best got my attention was that he could even consider being rude to her.  I wanted to shake him and say, “Just be nice!”  I mean, everyone on the set has a job to do, and that assistant did hers well.  She was at work before he arrived and was still there long after he left (I know this because I was there before and after him, and she was already working when I arrived).  She is working long hours each day; when she drove me back to the parking structure at the end of my 14+ hours on the set, she was still pleasant and smiling and friendly.  She has learned to take the good energy and to become good energy, and he needs to be told, “Just be nice!”

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG!  It’s a lot of fun!


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