Chasing a Dream: Manifest Money

Obviously, one of the most important parts of chasing a dream is the MONEY end of it, and somewhere along the way, you have to learn to manifest the money.

Dreaming Is Great

It’s true:  dreaming is just great.  But dreams don’t pay the bills, and you have to get serious about your month-to-month survival.  Sometimes, one sits in a stupor and wonders what on earth to do.  I know I’ve spent PLENTY of time in that spot.  It can be a challenge to figure it all out, indeed, but I knew I had to keep trying new things.

What I’ve Tried

Typical Job Market:  First, of course, is the “job market.”  I wanted something flexible—otherwise, what’s the point?  I need something that would allow me to attend auditions and filming as they come in, which isn’t often but it is the reason I’m here.  I have a lot of office experience, skills that they don’t teach anymore (like shorthand), and the ability to problem-solve.  I’ve worked with difficult people (duh—attorneys), without hands-on supervision, and not only are my office skills top-notch, but my ability to write, phone etiquette and customer service skills are exemplary.  So I submitted on various positions that were aligned with my skills and expertise.  I didn’t receive the first call for more information or the first interview.  Seems that people here are NOT hiring over-50 employees.  They’re not even interviewing over-50 potentials.

Freelance/Work-at-Home:  So I began the search for freelance and work-at-home projects.  The possibilities I considered (and submitted on) were writing for legal publications, ghost writing, web content writing, descriptions of products for catalogs, and more.  Now, I admit that if someone offered to pay a mere $1.00 for 400 words, I scratched them immediately off my list—and yes, they’re out there.  The list of things people want to hire you to do from home goes on and on.  In one instance, the offer is that they will pay $10 for transcription of an hour-long audio recording.  Now… hmm…. let’s see.  I’ve done transcription, and to transcribe an hour-long audio takes anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the clarity and speed of the audio.  So let’s say it took 5 hours to transcribe an hour-long audio.  I’d make a whopping $2.00 an hour.  I chose to pass up on those kinds of offers… let someone else bang their fingers off for a pittance.

Government:  So you’d think that the government jobs here wouldn’t pose an age-discrimination problem, right?  Wrong.  You see, each little city (in our area, there’s San Dimas, Pomona, Upland, Glendora, Covina, El Monte, Irwindale, and many more) has its own government.  And each little city government has an HR department that lists their open positions.  Time and time again, we (both Robert and I) have submitted on various jobs.  There was one job FOR A SECRETARY for the city of San Dimas on which I submitted.  Now, I have 40+ years in that field—experience and skills out the wazoo, so you’d think I would AT LEAST get an interview, right?  Nope.  Many weeks later, I got a letter in the mail saying that a “more qualified” candidate had been hired.  Now, I’d love to see that “more qualified” candidate.  So, what do you think?  Did somebody hire a relative or a sweet young thing?

Other Stuff:  So we’ve tried many other things.  I’ve written stuff, I’ve met people, networked, attended events, auditioned, and much, much more.  We’ve done volunteer stuff, taken classes, responded to ads, and been open to many possibilities.  And while I do love being here, it is NOT a place that is over-50-friendly as for jobs.

What Now?

Somewhere along the way, I realized that the things I’d done were not working and I had to get SERIOUS about manifesting the money to continue funding my dream chase.  That manifestation is something I want to share with you.

Recognizing the Laws of the Universe

Laws of Nature (aka Laws of Physics):  There are certain Laws of Nature that are universally accepted.  These are recognized by physicists as being laws of nature because they are laws that nature ALWAYS follows.  Examples are the laws of light and gravity and the earth’s rotation.  Light always travels at the same speed, gravity always remains constant and the earth always rotates at the same speed.  These laws of nature are true not only on the earth but throughout the universe.

Laws of the Universe:  There are 12 recognized immutable laws of the universe.  These include the Laws of Vibration, Gender, Cause and Effect, Rhythm, and more.  Of these 12, the most widely known is the Law of Attraction.  And therein lies the manifestation I am enjoying.

Law of Attraction 101

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that “like produces like.”  In other words, if your thoughts, words and actions are positive and upbeat, you will attract that which is positive and upbeat.  The down-side to this is that the opposite is also true:  if your thoughts, words, and actions are negative… look out!  You are in for a difficult journey.  Let’s take this a step further.  If your thoughts, words and actions are, for example, are toward manifesting money… how much you enjoy having money, what you will do to help people with your money—complete and unlimited positivity with regard to money… then you are destined to attract money.  As stated in one of the meditations I’ve been doing, “the number one rule to attracting money is to WANT money.”  Here’s the link to the meditation:  It’s a 90-minute meditation by Paul Santisi, and the first time it seems a bit much.  Stick with it.  Listen with headphones, immerse yourself into your meditation.  BELIEVE it… it

Money Manifestation Meditation

So I’ve been doing this meditation for several weeks.  I won’t reveal the amount of money my meditation has manifested, but I will say that I trust the process.  In the time since I’ve been doing this meditation (along with others for abundance and success), I have done two films and a commercial and booked a personal appearance.  And I’ve only just begun.

So… if you’re ready for money and success and abundance… give this meditation a try.  I’d love to know how it works for you!

DREAM BIG!  Day Dream Big, too!



  1. YourFriend says:

    you are so right,not exactly what I expected but I manifested (Lol) $200.00 and some change last night serving people at the club started off being kinda slow but word got around I,ve planned every Monday Night I will serve to those come good ole Peggy Chilli.and for the butt who told you they hired someone more experienced .Put your clown suit on and show his ole grumpy butt how much more you have experience.That ole Toad,let me at that quirk I,lol show May die doing it but I will just for you.Love and Hugs keep up the meditation fixing to turn everything off lay down and meditate myself.hey guess who wanted to be my friend on Facebook Wanda Spaulding Burke.Rememeber her of course you do you have a good

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