Chasing a Dream: MORE Dreams Come Along!

One of the most exhilarating things about chasing a dream is that MORE DREAMS pop up all along the way.  This post is the subject of one of those.


Everyone who knows me knows that I became a clown in 1995.  What many of you may not know is that I have loved parades from my very earliest memories, and could be found in front of the television watching parades.  Okay, picture this:  the dining room where we watched an old black-and-white tv (the one on which we used a pair of pliers to change the channel because the plastic channel selector was broken) was cold. Despite the cold and sitting on straight, uncomfortable kitchen chairs, you’d find me there on Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day, wrapped in a blanket and watching the parade.  I had a vivid imagination and could picture myself there, waving the parade float wave with the young women riding the floats or taking a horse through his high-stepping gait, sitting atop a fancy, silver-adorned saddle.  Oh, the dreams.

And then I became a clown.  I watched a special about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after becoming a clown, and thought how much fun it would be to ride a clowny golf cart, waving and giggling and clowning around in general in that parade.  I was fascinated by the dedication of the Macy’s employees and volunteers who made the parade happen.  I had a rich fantasy life, and could picture myself–red nose and all–riding through the streets of New York City on Thanksgiving.  Still dreaming.

The Rose Bowl Parade

From Rose Bowl Parade 2015

From Rose Bowl Parade 2015

Oh, how I loved the Rose Bowl Parade!  To see the floats—the intricate designs, the interesting themes, the moving parts—and think that they were built from FLOWERS—something ELSE I loved!  WOW!  Honestly, being in the Rose Bowl Parade was something so distant (California) and so incredible that it was completely inconceivable to me.  I mean, I lived in Pegram, Tennessee, a literal universe away from the Rose Bowl Parade, and I couldn’t even imagine going to Pasadena (isn’t that where Mr. Drysdale lived?).  So I couldn’t wrap my brain around that dream.

Until NOW

Okay, I know that I am 60 years old.  And I know that few people of my age suddenly wake up one day and want to ride on a float in the Rose Bowl Parade.  And I know that there are probably thousands of people who want to ride on a float in the Rose Bowl Parade, and the likelihood is… hmmm…. slim to none, right?  But I am a DREAM CHASER!  I do not hear the word “impossible.”  I believe that if you can DREAM it, you can BE it.  And so here is my next dream:


Okay, I’ve said it.  Now I suppose my next step is figuring out how to do it.


Well, I’ve done a little research, and the 2016 Rose Bowl Parade theme is a partnership with the National Parks to celebrate the anniversary of the National Park Service.  The theme is “Find Your Adventure.”  So I’m finding my adventure…

I am in the process of designing a float.  I have done an email to AARP asking them to sponsor a float that has the theme “Find Your Adventure… At Any Age.”  I envision the float to be conceived by, designed by, built by and manned by those of us who are Over 50.  I want to show people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s having adventures.  And that’s all I can say about it right now.

Next Steps

Just so y’all know, I’ve started doing the research.  I’m putting together a proposal that includes potential sponsors; I’m looking for a storyboard artist to draw up my ideas; I’ve researched the company that designs, builds and coordinates the volunteers to decorate the floats in the parade and by the end of the day, I’ll have a letter written to them.  So, another dream and much to do!  Because, folks, I never stop dreaming!


thanks for being here!


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