Chasing a Dream: POTENTIAL

Where I Live There is HUGE POTENTIAL

One of the neatest things about Hollywood is POTENTIAL. Hundreds of thousands of people move here in pursuit of their dreams, and work 2 or 3 jobs, wait tables, make coffee, drive other folks around, answer phones and sling hamburgers with hope and their dreams alive in their hearts. With each new day there is the POTENTIAL of being cast in the role of a lifetime. And through each disappointment, they continue to wait tables and sling burgers and pick up phones with a happy voice and drive other people around–because while one possibility slipped away, tomorrow is still a day of POTENTIAL.


The last couple of nights I’ve been awake because of POTENTIAL. My ever-active imagination is whirling. You see, I submitted on a role. It was a tiny little 2-line description, and I don’t know what made me even notice it, but I did. Most of the time, I submit and forget, because there are thousands and thousands of people submitting, and unless the role calls for Southern AND obese, chances of an audition are fairly slim. But instead of forgetting about it, something kinda nagged me to think about–and then research–this role. It said SAG-AFTRA (that means union pay scale and benefits), it said “significant role”… that CAN mean residuals (cha-ching!). And I decided to research it. and that’s where I am being kept awake.

There is HUGE POTENTIAL here!

There is HUGE POTENTIAL here!

So now let me give you the backstory. Once in a while during meditation, I get a glimpse into possibilities. One of these glimpses was that I was at a party sharing a good hearty laugh with Matt Damon and another celebrity also listed as being in this particular movie. In that little glimpse, I knew we had worked together and shared a ton of laughs during filming. (end of back story)

My research into the tiny little casting notice says that Matt Damon (and two others I’d LOVE to work with) is in the movie. Now, will I even get an audition? Who knows? It’s a possibility, but certainly not a probability. But the POTENTIAL of being considered for it is exciting to me.

My very active imagination can envision me doing it. The dreams of a young girl who grew up in a tiny little town of 400-something people to be in movies is now a POTENTIAL every day. The POTENTIAL to not only SEE these folks but to actually WORK with them in a business I LOVE, to be a part of art and entertainment with people I’ve admired is HUGE.

I encourage everyone with a dream to go for it. You are Never Too Old to Chase a Dream. You are Never Too Fluffy to Chase a Dream. And you won’t live it if you don’t try.