Chasing a Dream: Pushing Boulders Uphill

Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Back Into the Push!

Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Back Into the Push! Sometimes You Just Gotta Leave the Rock Where It Sits.

There are times along the Dream Chase when it feels as if I’m pushing a boulder UPHILL. That’s usually before a break-through of some kind, and the thrills of a Dream Chase far outweigh the disappointments. But … there are times when I can’t see over the boulder I’m pushing, and the darned thing hasn’t seemed to budge in eons, and my boulder-pushing energy is seriously flagging. At those times, I realize why God instills dreams in the young: because they’re the ones with the passion and persistence and energy for the chase!

When the Boulders Are Too Much

Sometimes when you’re pushing boulders uphill, you just gotta be creative in the push. Maybe that means having a seat on the rock and ruminating a bit. Maybe it means backing your behind up and putting your back into it. I’ve learned that you just gotta try different things. And sometimes you just enjoy the boulder exactly where it sits.

Despite the Boulders, All Creatives Are Dreamers

Regardless of what you create—whether it’s a dance, a painting, a song, a sculpture, a scene or ANYTHING else—ALL creatives have dreams and visions in their hearts. Each of us is privileged—and burdened—with a spark inside that needs to grow. Sometimes that tiny little spark sits there unattended for years, as in my case, while life forestalls creativity. Sometimes that spark is fed and encouraged in youth, and grows into a full-blown flame at an early age. I suspect that most folks fall somewhere in the middle.

In Chasing Dreams, Much Like in Life, I am NOT Normal

First of all, moving to Los Angeles to be an actor is something that most 18 to 20 year olds do. It’s typically NOT something that retirement-eligible folks do. That’s both good and bad, actually. Good in that I am in a minority (gray-haired newbies) and there’s not nearly the competition for round grannies as for young, blond and beautiful. Bad in that there are fewer roles for my demographic, and landing any role takes as just much effort, energy, dedication, training and networking.  So I am daily figuring out how to be all that I dream of being.

And Now the Breakthrough

Get ready for the surprise. I began writing this post after a disappointment, and was feeling low and slow and terribly alone.  And even then, I recognized that such a disappointment often comes just before a breakthrough. What I didn’t expect was that BEFORE I FINISHED WRITING THE POST, here it comes! I have to say that I laughed right out loud.

Now, I am experienced enough to know that when I’m flying low, I just need to reach out to someone who believes in me, and I did that half-way through writing the entry. While I was on the phone with them, my phone was just blowing up with calls, beeps, etc., all from a number I didn’t recognize. I finally decided that I needed to check out why someone needed so desperately to talk with me. I was quite surprised when a casting director was frantic to get in touch with me. Seems he’d accidentally booked the WRONG PEGGY. When the other Peggy got to the wardrobe fitting, the producer was upset because it wasn’t ME. And before I knew it, I had been booked for filming. The breakthrough came even faster than I had thought possible, and just proves one thing: I’m where I belong.

Thanks for being here!



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