Chasing a Dream: Setting Goals That Make Us Happy

I think that when we reach adulthood, most of us tend to merely rush through our lives instead of setting goals for things that actually MAKE US HAPPY.  This is your reminder that as long as you’re above ground and breathing on your own, you can still set goals that make you happy.

What Made You Happy as a Child?fireworksgreen

Do you remember the things that made you the happiest as a child?  For me, it was pretending…  I could transport myself from an ordinary life to a rich fantasy life.  I could lose HOURS in my own imagination, and it took me from my escape-place in the woods to travels throughout the universe—without ever leaving the log that was my forest sanctuary.  I not only day-dreamed these things, but wrote about them as well.  From my earliest memories, I was a word-nerd who relished a vocabulary because words allowed me to express what I felt and dreamed.  I longed for more even as a child.  I dreamed I could dance, I could fly, I made people happy.

So here are my questions for you:

  • What excited you as a child?
  • Do you love making things? Helping people?
  • When you completely lose time, what are you doing?
  • What are your goals? Dreams?
  • What’s important to you?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, my friends, you need to spend some time alone in your own happy place.

Learning to Set Goals From One I Consider a Master At It

I find learning new things to be incredibly exciting.  Toward that end, I am constantly on the internet doing various searches, and I discover some of the coolest things!  For example, I found a site by a guy named Chris Guillebeau, who has written several books and whose website is FASCINATING.  He has traveled to all 193 countries, and has an incredible outlook on… well, practically everything, frankly.  So check out this site and tell me what you think.  The reason I tell you about this is Chris Guillebeau says it so well.  His website can give you the best ideas for how to set goals that you will LOVE pursuing, with very specific examples.  There are videos and audio and blog posts and so much more… If you want to find contentment and happiness and purpose, give his site a chance.  Make it a gift to yourself.  You will thank me for pointing you to all that Chris Gillebeau shares.

So, go do it!

DREAM BIG and Plan to Live Them!

Thanks for being here.


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