Chasing a Dream: Thrill of Auditions

A big part of chasing my dreams is, of course, being cast, and to get cast, I must audition—and THAT is something that is really thrilling to me. I know, it sounds like I’m saying that I enjoy job interviews, which almost EVERYBODY hates. But the truth is that I actually have never dreaded those kinds of things, and I absolutely LOVE AUDITIONING.

What’s the Big Thrill in Auditions?



Where do I begin? Let’s see… there’s a certain excitement in meeting new people, and I never know who it might be next. I’ve met people whose work you see each week on television, people who grew up in rural Tennessee or Kentucky, and people who have worked with the biggest names in the industry. It’s fascinating to learn how they got where they are, what in their lives put them in Los Angeles and what brought us together in that particular spot. I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences. I do believe in serendipity, where fate dictates certain events and you can either choose to take advantage of those or not. But coincidence? Not so much. I find delight in meeting people whose dreams and pursuits have put them in the spot where our paths cross, and where that crossing of paths might lead to substantial and meaningful work is something I enjoy in EVERY audition.

What’s Next?

Who knows? I have three auditions scheduled for this week. THREE AUDITIONS is more than I had in the last 5 years I spent in Nashville. THREE chances to be cast in roles where I get to perform my craft, utilize my skills, revel in the training I’ve had over the years. And even if I don’t get cast in those roles, I’ve still met new people!


Thanks for being here!


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