Chasing a Dream: Unexpected Milestones

All along the way during my dream chase, I have had in mind certain milestones that I wanted to accomplish.  What I didn’t realize is that there would be the unexpected and unknown milestones that I would accomplish—never realizing they were possible until they were done.

Three Projects

I never gave thought to the fact that I could have more than one film project working at a time.  Okay, I realize that makes me just a little bit naïve, but I couldn’t imagine how that might work.  And now I know:  one project films my role a day here and a day there, according to the particular scenes being filmed; one project films one day only; and one project is cast but doesn’t film for a few weeks.  So there I have it:  three film projects working at the same time.  Meeting that milestone was a gift I never expected.

No Audition

Yet another unseen milestone was being cast without having to audition.  Thus far in my acting experience, I’ve had to audition for each role, sometimes more than once.  Most of the time, you don’t hear anything back on a role for which you’ve auditioned unless you are cast.  So if an actor allowed the anxiety to eat at them, it could be way less than fun.  Thank God I have learned to prepare for the audition, do my best at the audition, and not spend a lot of time fretting about whether or not I’ll get the role.  I’ve thankfully learned that success will happen when it’s time, and no amount of worrying of fretting will accelerate that time.  I am grateful that I have learned to glean the good from any audition and move past the anxiety.  For example, sometimes I have known that I was not going to be cast in a role but I met some really nice people in the audition process, as well as having another casting director see my face.  I reason that the more casting directors who see my face, the more likely I’ll be cast.

What I had not imagined could happen is that people who had previously worked with me would request me for another role, or people would see my work and want me for a role for which I would not need to audition.  Meeting that milestone without even knowing it could happen blew my little mind!  I have to say that it is incredibly rewarding and humbling to have that happen.

Feel the Love

We were shooting in the middle of NOWHERE!

We were shooting in the middle of NOWHERE!

One of the best unexpected milestones is one I call “feeling the love.”  When I arrived at the set to film last week, I was greeted warmly by a number of people.  Some of them I had previously worked with and got hugs and pats and big smiles.  Others greeted me with, “I am so glad to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you from the crew.”  Yet others—who had heard nothing about me and had never worked with me—watched as I was welcomed and hugged, and were quite surprised when they learned that I didn’t have to audition for the role.  I have to say that feeling the love was a huge lesson for me, and I believe that it was also a lesson for others.

Lesson:  Love What You’re Doing

The lesson for me in feeling the love last week is that when you LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING, it shows.  When you LOVE what you’re doing, it is contagious, and everyone wants to be a part of it.  When you have joy in a project, you make the job easier for all those with whom you work.  Love what you’re doing and it becomes more fun for everyone.  And I truly LOVE what I’m doing.

Thanks for being here.

DREAM BIG!  No dream is too big to dream.


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