Chasing a Dream: 2 More Milestones Met!

When my dream chase began, I made a list of things that would constitute milestones that I would celebrate.  These included my first LA audition, my first LA filming, the first time I have two auditions in one week, attending red carpet events, meeting producers that could make a difference in my life, and more.  And all those things have been DONE already!  There were things, though, that my imagination couldn’t conjure.  Last night was one of those.  Today was another.

Milestone #1 of the Week:  Someone from NBC Called ME



One of the things that you learn quickly here is that you keep your mouth SHUT.  Talking too much is NOT a good thing, because networks have future shows in the works that they want kept under-wraps until the time to air them.  After all, competition is fierce among the networks.  So I can’t talk much about the call I got from NBC—and I don’t qualify for the show they called me about—but THEY CALLED ME.  I’ve been in LA since June—submitting for castings since the end of July—and I got a call from one of the MAJOR NETWORKS.  That’s a big milestone!  The producer who called me said that someone had given her my name and number because they were so impressed with “my story.”  (I didn’t ask WHICH of my stories—there are so many!)  Whoever they are, they were impressed enough to KEEP my information close at hand and pass it along to another producer looking to cast a show.  I was pleasantly surprised and pleased.  Whodafiguredit?

Milestone #2 of the Week:  Two Auditions In One Day

Little did I guess that there would come a time when I would have TWO auditions in ONE day, but that happened today!  It is just another sign that I am where I need to be.  You see, in Nashville, I got an audition about every 18 months, on average.  I got cast in something about once every two years.  I couldn’t even have imagined that there would come a time when I would have TWO auditions in ONE day here!  But that’s exactly what happened!  I had several “sides” (these are parts of the script for the character) to study and spent last night and this morning doing just that.  The first audition was scheduled for noon, and when I got out of that one, I’d been invited by the writer of the second to come by anytime between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., so I just went right over and got it done.  Two auditions and back home by 3 o’clock.  What a beautiful day in LA!

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG!  It’s way more fun than piddly little dreams.


  1. Vicki L. Hughes says:

    You are the most amazing Lady I,ve ever and hugs…

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