Chasing A Dream: “Abundant”


In my dream chase, there are certain phrases that recur, the most frequent of which is the word “Abundant.”  When I first began to scheme for the dream, I think the energy I carried around with me each day changed.  One lovely lady with whom I worked at BBS–Charlotte (who always carries an energy that is loving and warm)–put it in a way that just made my day.  You see, one day I greeted Charlotte in the elevator hallway, just passing through as she awaited an elevator.  As usual, we shared greetings (and smiles because Charlotte always wears one and seeing her big beautiful smile makes everyone smile) and a friendly exchange about what was happening in our respective lives.  Honestly, I can’t even remember what was going on in my world at that particular moment that sparked her comment–I can only remember how it impacted me.  “Peggy!,” she said, “you live like we’re supposed to live–abundantly.  You always have something wonderful going on.  I just love that.”

The exchange was brief but heartfelt, and I didn’t realize until much later the influence that comment would have on my own view of my life. You see, there are a few things I know about myself:

  • I HATE being bored
  • I LOVE learning
  • I LOVE new experiences and
  • I’m willing to risk failure toward all those things

Abundance: Grab For the Gusto!

All of which means I have never been “normal.”  In fact, I remember seeing a soft drink commercial when I was a child that talked about “grabbing for the gusto in life,” and even then I thought, “that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to grab for the gusto.”  I didn’t even know what gusto really was, I just knew that I would grab for it.  And grab I did!

I grabbed for love (some of it grabbed back!); I grabbed for adventure (white water rafting, snowmobiling, hostessing casino flights, travel); I grabbed for success and strength and knowledge and integrity and laughter.  I love deeply and completely and with abandon, giving my whole heart with both arms wide open, and when I grieve, I grieve the same way–deeply and completely, my chest feeling there is a hole where once lived a very full heart.  I’ve grabbed for friendships and lovers, and count myself as beyond fortunate (and sometimes foolish) that these have numbered in the hundreds.  There’s been an abundance of so many things in my life, and I am humbled and grateful.

So last night, I dreamed… and in my dreams, I kept seeing what appeared to be a bumper sticker of sorts, pink with a two-line  border around one simple word: “abundant.”  I must have wakened 50 times, each time the word “abundant” on a pink bumper-sticker on my mind. Over and over, “abundant,” “abundant,” “abundant,” “abundant.”  I remembered little else of my dreams, just “abundant.”  So from whatever causes dreams, whether it’s Divine-inspired or something I ate yesterday or something floating through the universe headed for my brain, my message was clear:  abundant.   It’s what I am, hit’s how I live, it’s how I dream.  Abundantly.  It’s not for everyone, and it’s not normal. But I think it defines me in many ways.  For that I am humbled and grateful.





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