Chasing a Dream: Acts of God

The movie “Acts of God” was one of my first signs that I really should chase my dream… all the way to Hollywood.  I hate being redundant, but I do enjoy sharing this particular story, so let me first apologize if you’re heard it so much that you’re bored with it.  (Though I have to say, it never bores me.)

Are We Doing The Right Thing?

You see, Robert and I decided many months ago to move to Hollywood once he had finished school.  One Thursday in early June, 2012, I realized that we hadn’t run our plans by God to see if that’s really what HE wanted us to do.  Oops.  So I spent one Thursday afternoon in prayer and meditation, seeking guidance as to the course God intended for our lives.  And while I knew what I wanted, my desires weren’t what was of the utmost of importance.  So that Thursday afternoon was dedicated to seeking guidance… and trying very hard to be still and quiet and listen to that often tiny little inner voice that serves as my pilot.  Now, if I admit the truth, I HATE BEING QUIET and trying to LISTEN to that usually tiny little voice.  I need something to be BOLD and OBVIOUS, something that REALLY makes a statement loud and clear.  Everyone who knows me realizes that I simply don’t hear “subtle.”  I’m too loud and active to hear anything quiet and subtle.  So in my meditation and prayer, I fervently ask for obvious and unmistakable.  That Thursday afternoon, I humbly and ardently asked for guidance.  And you know how the story goes…. it’s about like the prayer that says, “God, I want patience and I want it NOW!”

Three Days

THREE DAYS LATER–on Sunday afternoon–my agent called to tell me I’d been cast in a movie.  Hmmm… well, I had auditioned for a movie weeks earlier and knew that it had already begun filming.  To me, that meant I was not cast in the role for which I auditioned.  But suddenly, here was my agent, on the phone, telling me when and where to report:  that night in Louisville, to report to the set bright and early the next morning.  And she emailed me the script, which I printed.  I packed my bags, made arrangements for someone to substitute for me at work, sent my boss an email that I’d be out of town filming a movie and off work for two days, and LEFT–headed for Louisville.  And when I opened the script and read the title, the name of the film jumped off the page:  ACTS OF GOD.

Acts of God Movie Poster

Acts of God Movie Poster

Did you get that?  Because it was BOLD and OBVIOUS to me that I’m MEANT to be a Hollywood actor.  And so… ACTS OF GOD is now being shown in movies around the Louisville, Kentucky area.  If your church wants to sponsor a showing, you can contact them.  At the very least, please take a few minutes to watch the trailers by clicking here.

The movie was a GREAT experience.  The other actors (especially the three lead young women (Constance Brenneman, Esperanza Catubig and Sharon Irving) and the crew with whom I worked were simply delightful.  It’s a moving and painful yet uplifting story of survival.  And it was my personal confirmation that I am meant to be doing the very work for which I have a passion:  acting.  I asked for–and received–big, bold, obvious confirmation.  How cool is all that?





  1. God will always answer your prayers no matter what we want he has the plan.

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