Chasing a Dream: Avoiding Energy Vampires


Dreams can give you magic!

Since my dream chase began, I’ve happily learned to avoid two kinds of people:  energy vampires (those who manage to rob me of my creative, happy energy) and dream-busters (those who feel some strange obligation to dissuade me from dreaming).  This is good news!


Energy Vampires

I love creative, energetic people, folks who exude a sense of enthusiasm and interest.  I find such pleasure in people whose eagerness for life surrounds them because my own energy is fed by creativity and delight—the best part is that I am invigorated without taking anything away from them!   It’s like sharing a smile—it doesn’t take anything away from anyone.

In learning to ward off energy vampires, I’ve actually been heard to say things like, “get over it” and “you’re the only one who can change that” and even “quit being pitiful.”  (Hint:  energy vampires do NOT like to hear these words—they’d MUCH rather you ask them to share every little detail of their tales of woe and doom.  You can do that if you want, but then you’ll have to spend some time recovering from your own loss of energy.)  I found a really neat website that talks all about it, so take the time to read the article by clicking here.  You’ll REALLY be glad you did.

Dream Busters

I have found that MOST people are afraid to have dreams, much less actually pursue them.  The problem with those people is that they think EVERYONE should be afraid to pursue their dreams, and they spread discouragement and dream-woes.  I turn and waddle away from those people as quickly as my little thick thighs will carry me.  Without dreamers, we would still be living in the dark.  I mean, what do you think inventors are?  DREAMERS!  What are writers?  DREAMERS!  Who makes differences in the world? Who takes risks?  DREAMERS!

There’s a great website I found here, where you can read all about …. lots of things, really, from tiny home living to living the dream.  It’s an interesting (and very addictive—this is fair warning!) site, so when you have time, check it out.

In the meantime, thanks for being here.

Don’t forget to DREAM BIG! It makes life so much more interesting!



  1. Honey Child, you done said a mouthful. Truth Be Told.

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