Chasing a Dream: Awake in Gallup, New Mexico

Dramatic skies

Dramatic skies

Chasing my dream means that we awakened this morning in Gallup, New Mexico, just a few miles from the Arizona border.  Travel yesterday across Texas and New Mexico showed us some very dramatic skies.

Today is the day the real fun will begin—we’re about an hour from the painted desert and the petrified forest, both of which are known to provide great photo ops (which will be great for the photographer I sleep with (haha!)).  Sometime this afternoon we should arrive at the shuttle spot for the Grand Canyon.  I’ve read along the way and it appears that private vehicles are not allowed on the Grand Canyon road, only shuttles.  So we’ll connect with one of the free shuttles (can you believe that some shuttle services charge $75 per person EACH WAY?).  This should be really beautiful, I think.

Notice the layers of color on the landscape--you can see for many miles

Notice the layers of color on the landscape–you can see for many miles

Texas and New Mexico

The wide open spaces in Texas and New Mexico were amazing (and played hell with my depth perception—at times I had to just lay my seat back because I couldn’t process the expanse and my eyes would get all jiggly).  The terrain looked rugged and intolerant, with many, many abandoned houses along the way.  I think these are testimony to the spirit of the people who live here.

As we got into the more western part of New Mexico, the mesas were higher and changed from having low, squatty shrubbery and sparse grass to being monoliths of red rock and what looks like black lava.  They’re beautiful and amazing-looking, and a bit scary at the same time.  The little round Peg! commented to Robert that I didn’t know how they stayed so squared off and flat, it looked like a good rain would send the dirt down into the lowlands.  At which point, of course, Robert pointed out that the mesas weren’t DIRT, they are ROCK.  Silly me–they just looked like the red dirt we know so well (and that I used to track in after a good rain).


Now I have to say that three days in the car have my fibro screaming, and I’m in a great deal of pain, so happy thoughts and whispered prayers would much be appreciated.  Last night we stayed in a motel that was (previously unbeknownst to me, of course) next to train tracks.  I was awakened 27 times during the night by train horns, so pain and fatigue are whipping my happy behind this morning.

These are Mesas (not buttes as I first thought)

These are Mesas (not buttes as I first thought)

Anyhow, I’m hoping to have some beautiful photos in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, check out the mesas as we continue the chase.

DREAM BIG!  I am–all the way to Hollywood!



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