Chasing A Dream: Battle of the Resistance Chair

“Battle of the Resistance Chair”–April begins a new concept for making myself exercise

It’s me against the Chair, folks, and I’m hoping for a perfect score of 30 for the month.  Please feel free to ASK the daily score… it helps with accountability!

Daily Score:   April 1st

Peggy! – 1; Resistance Chair – 0

Several weeks ago, I posted a picture of my resistance chair, and discussed how little effort it takes for me to resist actually USING the chair.  In fact, I have often talked about having to address my weight and e-issues (that’s the “exercise” dirty word which I will call “E”).  I’ve given hours of thought to E, truly I have.  I KNOW E’s something I NEED to do.  I KNOW I’ll move better, feel better, lose weight faster, and generally have better overall health.  I’ll breathe better, sleep better, have greater metabolism and better moods (although most of the time I’m already in a pretty good mood).  I am a relatively intelligent woman and I honestly do know these things.

Chair, You Lost Today!

Chair, You Lost Today!

There are other things I know, as well.  I know how much “E” generally hurts my body.  I know how quickly I overheat.  I know how fibromyalgia causes my muscles to cramp and I know how painful a “Charley-horse” in your abdomen (or legs… or feet…) can be.  I know how exhausting it is to wrestle into a swimsuit designed for a junior petite figure and made larger (but not redesigned).  I know how I despise feeling sweaty.  I know how it feels to get literally thrown out of bed because of a cramp in my thigh muscles  (and my sweet Robert knows how uncommunicative I can be during those extreme muscle spasms), how it feels to contemplate going to the Emergency Room because my legs are in knots due to muscle cramps.  I am very much aware of my body (yes, all of it!) and I know that adequate hydration and potassium, as well as and avoiding food additives, are important in reducing the frequency and severity of muscle cramps.

So my Battle with the Chair involves drinking lots more water, a glass of orange juice (which can blow the heck out of low-carbing), and avoiding soft drinks and certain low-carb “snacks” (like pepperoni or sausage) that contain nitrates (or is it nitrites? I get confused).

I know I have a Bright Future

Headed for Hollywood!

Headed for Hollywood!

In addition to knowing all that, though, I KNOW I am headed for something wonderful.  I’m chasing a dream… grabbing for the gusto in life, seeking my purpose and destiny.  I feel good most of the time.  I have a husband who adores me as much as much as I adore him. And I want to be prepared for the very best in life, because that is what I seek.

DREAM BIG!  I always do!


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