Chasing a Dream: Black Cumin Seed Oil

One of the discoveries I’ve made during my dream chase is Black Cumin Seed Oil, which, in addition to Hemp Oil, seems to create miracles.  Not only have I seen what black cumin seed oil can do (which I will expound upon below), but these two oils seem to have made a huge difference for one of my friends as well.  In this blog entry, I’ll discuss Black Cumin Seed Oil, and sometime in the near future I’ll tell you all about Hemp Oil (it truly is unbelievable, you’ll want to read it). 

Black Cumin Seed Oil

When I learned that one of my friends had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer (that had gone into the bones), I did some research.  That was when I read about Dennis Hill’s story (at, and how he cured his own cancer by using Cannabis Oil.  Naturally, at the time, I was in Tennessee, and was fairly certain that Cannabis Oil wouldn’t be available there (boy–was I wrong!).   But I looked to a California-based friend for guidance, and he introduced me to Black Cumin Seed Oil.  According to all the internet research I’ve done (and that’s a lot), black cumin seed oil is mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran, which even goes so far as to state that black cumin seed oil cures everything except death.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s a mighty big claim.  So I ordered some black cumin seed oil.

Curing Diabetes

About this time, my doctor said that my A1C level meant that I was diabetic.  Now, I know there are literally millions of folks who are diabetic and live successfully with this diagnosis every day.  And I know that my inactivity and obesity naturally lead people to assume that I am diabetic.  But I had never been diabetic, and that diagnosis absolutely put me into a tailspin.  Top that with the fact that any meds she prescribed for me gave me the out-house trots, and you have a woman who was EXCEEDINGLY distressed with this bit of unhappy news.  It was time to give the miracle black cumin seed oil a try.


Okay, so all the reading I’ve done suggests that you should take a teaspoon of the oil with a teaspoonful of honey, and I admit that the honey does make the oil a bit more palatable.  But, honestly, it tasted AWFUL!  However, here’s what I found right away.  The rumbly tummy that I’d begun to experience fairly regularly?  Gone after taking black cumin seed oil.  Hmmm…. So then I found capsules of black cumin seeds, which I immediately ordered and began to take, and found these have the same overall benefits as the oil without the nasty aftertaste. (Actually, Robert takes the oil with honey and then immediately eats a container of yogurt, which he says completely takes away the taste. Not for me.)

Black Cumin Seeds--capsules and oil

Black Cumin Seeds–capsules and oil

The Next Physical Manifests a Miracle!

So before I moved to California, I went back to the doctor for a re-check.  She asked which of the medications she’d given me for diabetes had I decided to take, and was NOT pleased when I told her “none.”  She gave me one of those looks and asked why I wasn’t taking them; she didn’t appear to be completely happy with my answer, “because I think I can control it without the meds.”  Her response was “we’ll see,” and she ordered another blood test.  You can imagine my delight when the nurse called with my results:  “Your blood sugar is normal,” she said.  I had to ask her to repeat that a couple of times.  My blood sugar wasn’t just “lower,” my blood sugar was NORMALNORMAL.  The Black Cumin Seeds had taken my A1C level from “diabetic” to “NORMAL.”  Did you hear me say “NORMAL”?????

What Else Does It Do?

Black cumin seed oil is good for what ails you, stomach problems and digestive issues among them.  Black cumin seeds are known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and cancer-killing.  They boost your immune system.  Both King Tut and Cleopatra believed in them (she as a beauty enhancement, he had the oil put in his tomb for a healthy after-life).  In fact, there are just too many benefits to list , so click here for a website that will show you what some of the known benefits are.

Now, I have found black cumin seeds (and the oil) on Amazon at a pretty good price, but I have to say that I have ended up ordering it from Swansons.  As long as it’s cold-pressed (the oil) so it doesn’t destroy any of the healing properties, I figure it’s all about the same.  So if there’s something ailing you, now you know where to get it.

Get You Some!

So for whatever ails you—from pancreatic cancer to upset stomach to high cholesterol—black cumin seed oil or seeds may help.  They certainly can’t HURT you, and what’ve you got to lose by trying them?  Poor health?

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  1. Love the review. I got to your blog via your comment on Amazon regarding this oil – I LOVE your site/blog!!!! Love it!!! you are as real as they come… your format!

  2. Antoinette Hebert says:

    Like ‘DOUBLE WOW’ !!!! Can’t wait to see if it will help my “hearing” and I’m being tested for Glaucoma, 2nd test due this month; just may postpone it until I get some of “miracle stuff.” Thank you Peggy, am so PROUD to call you ‘MY FRIEND’ as well as my daughter-in-law, I actually like “daughter’ better…..

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