Chasing a Dream: Can’t Dream This–Part 1

Along the way in my dream chase, I have found that sometimes MAGICAL THINGS COME ALONG, things that you can’t even dream.  Two of these things have happened in the last few weeks.

Hand-Picked Dream

I had an audition that began like any other:  getting the sides (the portion of the script that I should be prepared to read), and scheduling a block of time for the audition.  Nothing was out of the ordinary.  The information I got said that actors would be seen on a “first come-first served” basis, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Even that was normal, and I arrived at the audition around noon.  That’s where normal went out the window.

I approached the reception desk to sign in and the young lady there was looking down at the sign-in sheet.  She obviously sensed my arrival, and asked—without looking up, “Are you here for casting?”

“Yes, ma’am, I am,” I replied.

At that point, she looked up and said, “You’re Peggy,” and I acknowledged that I was.  “We’ll get you right back,” she said.

Sometimes these things are MAGICAL!

Sometimes these things are MAGICAL!

There were about a dozen ladies there already, each of them rehearsing their lines–loudly.  Now, this is absolutely normal—even as silly as it often sounds.  For those who are not actors, let me expound just a bit.  We HAVE to rehearse our lines aloud so that we hear them.  It’s the way we get just the right inflection, how we figure out exactly how to express the lines.  Sometimes we hear ourselves and realize that we need a pause or to emphasize a different word.  Sometimes we say the lines from a different perspective:  this time we may sound sarcastic; next time, angry; then we’ll try to say them flat and without emotion.  Running lines aloud is important in any role, and I do it all the time AT HOME.  (Of course, Robert is in the other room say, “What?  Who are you talking to?”)  But I will also say that sitting in a room with a dozen people squawking out their lines (sounding like a brood of laying hens) is just not helpful to me.  When I arrive at the audition, I am as prepared as I will be because sitting in a room fully of people running lines is REALLY not helpful.

I sat to wait, and in about a minute, a young woman called my name and said, “We’re ready for you.”  I was quite surprised because of the number of ladies waiting.  The young lady then looked around the room and said, “We’re taking her out of order.”  No excuse for doing so was offered, and I rose and followed her into the audition room.  As I entered, a gentleman rose, extended his hand, introduced himself, and said, “I am so glad to meet you.  I hand-picked you for this role.”  He then introduced me to everyone and invited me to sit down and chat.

Okay, so did you catch what he said?  “I HAND-PICKED YOU FOR THIS ROLE.”  Friends, I couldn’t even have DREAMED that might happen, but it was one of those special moments that makes me believe I’m doing EXACTLY what I should be doing.  Sometimes things are magical!

Next time I’ll tell you about the second “Can’t Even Dream This” event.  Thanks for being here.



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