Chasing a Dream: Celebrate Where You Are!

One of my best lessons along the dream chase is learning to celebrate EXACTLY where I am.  Not where I’ll be down the road, and certainly not where I’ll be when the dream comes to complete fruition.  Where I am NOW.

The Importance of Celebration

I’ve discovered that the celebration part is VITAL to my momentum.  Admittedly, there are times when it seems that nothing is happening, or I’m not able to do some of what I had hoped.  Maybe I don’t get the callback that I expected and I want to just cry like a big baby.  Maybe I’m disappointed in myself because I didn’t get everything done on my list, or my financial obligations are overshooting my budget (can you say “I still need to sell a fishing cottage before I go broke”?).  No matter what it is that disappoints me, I realize that I have two choices.

Celebrate where you are!  I was at the first rehearsal for the movie One Buck.

Celebrate where you are! I was at the first rehearsal for the movie One Buck.

Option One:  I Could Get Pitiful

Yep, the first option is that I can interrupt the dream chase and become pitiful.  I could choose to weep and wail, be pitiful and regretful and negative in a whiny-baby way.  But everyone who knows me knows that is NOT an option for me.

Option Two:  Embrace the Lesson

What’s best for me is to embrace the lesson.  So I didn’t get the callback?  I met some neat folks, I felt good about my performance, and I had some face-time with folks who will continue to do casting for a long time to come.  I have to celebrate those things, because the truth is simple:  I may not be right for THAT role, but I am PERFECT for some roles.  When the time is right, the PERFECT role will come along, and I’ll be there, ready for it.  When I realize that I’m enjoying every day, that I’m where I longed to be, where I have the possibility of doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing, I can only appreciate and embrace it.

Nobody said it would be easy.

In fact, a LOT of people offered discouragement.  But then I look around and see people who work hard, put off living their dream, and DIE without ever giving it a chance.   One of my cousins made a comment on my FB the other day that I thought was quite profound.  She wrote, “I am so glad you’re living life.  We only get one.”  I realized then that I always knew I didn’t want to be one of those people who never began to live.  I’d rather die having failed a thousand things than live a very long life of being afraid to chase my dream.

What If You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating?

Then FAKE it.  NOBODY likes a Negative Nan or a Dan of Distress.  Paint on a happy friggin’ smile, take a deep breath and realize that every day above the ground is a gift—that’s why it’s called the “present.”  Find someone who needs something you have—a smile, a hug, friendship, a warm blanket—and give it to them.  Do something to make someone else’s life better.  It’s the best thing I know for replacing a grimace with a grin.

Thanks for being here!




  1. Peggy I so look forward to your post. And it makes me happy to see you living your dream.Girl you just go out there and WOW them. I thank God every day for the dissapointments I have had in my life because It makes me appreciate the achievements even more. So you just get out there and GO GIRL. loveya.

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