Chasing a Dream: It CHANGES You!

Changing Tastes

I was thinking earlier today about how chasing a dream and now being in California has changed us–and why.  I don’t think the changes are necessarily noticeable to other folks, but they’re certainly obvious to Robert and me.  For example, Robert would only eat a few vegetables: potatoes of any kind, green beans, and onions are the only ones that really come to mind.  Now, he’s eating–and LIKING–things he never thought he’d even try:  Fennel, and Zucchini, and avocados and cabbage.  The intense flavor of the fruits here–we have oranges and our neighbors share grapefruits and lemons and tangelos, and close by we can get fresh dates and all sorts of things–have impacted how many fresh fruits we eat.  I’d guess that at any given time we have at least half a dozen or more fresh fruits, for example in the kitchen today are dates, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, tangelos, lemons, and kiwi.

Living the Dream Changes You

When I see the accomplishments I’ve had since my Dream Chase began (Routine Paperwork, the CareerBuilder Commercial, Nocturnal Animals, the two My Haunted House episodes (one hasn’t come out yet) and the Glass Animals music video), it reinforces that I AM WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE.  Living that dream day-to-day, through the disappointments as well as the successes, makes me intrinsically content.  It’s a deep-seated joy that was as difficult to imagine as it is to describe.  Trust me on this:  you WANT this feeling.

Changing Who You Are

I’ve noticed that becoming comfortable with who I am–in my skin–and accepting and appreciating my TALENT is an obvious benefit of being here.  I had forgotten the joy of performing… of creative people… of adventure.  In slogging through day after day, year after year, hating working in an office, I didn’t even realize that oppression had settled into my bones.  I had a decent job in a good office environment and worked with competent and usually nice people.  It simply wasn’t satisfying my creative side.  Forty years of that will almost kill your spirit, I can tell you.peggy-28bwebresolution

I think it’s BEING BRAVE that changed us.  Being BOLD and stepping into who you are meant to be is hard.  But living the dream?  That just gives you a whole new different and wonderful feeling.

Thanks for being here.

DREAM BIG!  I always do!


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