Chasing a Dream: The Chase Update

I can hardly believe how long it’s been since I did an update to my dream chase blog!  There have been so many things happening:

Some of the China Team members and some of the supplies they took to help the orphans there

Some of the China Team members and some of the supplies they took to help the orphans there

  • getting settled in our new home;
  • Robert went to China and did photos on a mission trip benefitting some of the orphanages there (this was with the non-profit agency Caring for China’s Orphans (which meant I did the unpacking by myself as they delivered our “cube” of belongings the day he left);
  • meeting some well-established producers and new friends and neighbors here;
  • having my first official L.A. audition (where I met a casting director I’d wanted to meet and found out that she was originally from Knoxville);
  • guesting on a radio show (twice);
  • getting a contract to narrate another audiobook; AND
  • finding out that the orange tree in our yard has at least two almost-ripe oranges on it.  Actually, they may well be ripe but, being from Tennessee, we’re just not sure whether they’re ready to pick yet.

I’ve attended a few exceptionally good acting seminars (thank you, Rock Riddle for offering these!) and one GREAT voiceover teleseminar last night that was given by Xavier Paul, a voiceover artist out of New York.  THAT seminar was the best voiceover event I’ve ever attended (and I’ve paid HUNDREDS of dollars for voiceover training).  I think it will eventually lead to voice work.

Visiting the Great Wall of China

Visiting the Great Wall of China

All that in addition to leaving Nashville in mid-June and buying a California home on July 3rd.  I think things are moving along quite nicely.  I mean, I’m an impatient person (I know, my siblings are raising eyebrows and saying “No, you?” with a smirk), but I could hardly have imagined the progression of things.


From our previous visits, I knew I loved the area.  But in a week-long visit, we were often in constant motion, rushing from one thing to another because our time to depart was always looming.  I could not know in a few visits how much I would absolutely LOVE being here.  Actually residing here—waking up each day to gorgeous weather without dreadful humidity, the view of the mountains from our home, the quiet, family community in which we reside (San Dimas), and the atmosphere of creativity—these things make me LOVE it and I realize I’m in the right spot.  I’m where I’m supposed to be.  Finally.

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG!  It’s way more fun than dreaming small!

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