Chasing a Dream: When Is it Living a Dream?

In the past several weeks, I have begun to realize that there’s not a clear-cut time when one moves from chasing a dream to actually LIVING their dream.  It is, I assume, like beauty—in the eye of the beholder.  So I have a question for everyone:  when do you think it changes?

Living in LA

Robert and I talked about moving here for—literally—years.  We planned (as best we could with the sluggish economy), we dreamed, we talked.  Sometimes late into the night we’d talk about it, because I was scared stupid to leave so many things behind and trust that all would work out.  Deep down, I knew it would, but… having been a single mom for so many years and struggling just to “get by” made me overly cautious and fearful.  Robert was ready to go several months before I could muster up the courage, but eventually I realized that there was ONE THING standing between me and my dream:  ME.

Fear and uncertainty were HUGE, and I cried all the way to work the day I gave my notice. But once I did it, once I stated OUT LOUD that I was moving to LA to chase my dream of making my living in the entertainment industry, something inside me was set free.

Now that I’m here—in a home I love, a community I love, with my best friend and life partner, doing things I could only have DREAMED about in Nashville, Tennessee—I realize that I’m not just chasing the dream anymore.  I’m LIVING it.  Have I made a gazillion dollars in film or television?  Not yet.  Am I worry-free?   Not yet (but then who is, no matter how big a star they are?).  Do I have casting people banging down my door to cast me?  Not yet.  Am I covered up with work?  Not yet.  But I realize that all that will come.

Living the Dream

I realize that the DREAM wasn’t to BE a famous actor.  The dream was to be able to pursue making a living with my TALENT.  The dream was to be where it could happen, where it has happened for so many before me.  The dream is multi-faceted, many layered, and more adventure than I could have imagined.  Here I am, living in Los Angeles County, California, being invited to red carpet events, premiers, parties and get-togethers with producers and directors and actors and publicists and hundreds of people in the entertainment industry.  That, my friends, is such happy news.

On the Red Carpet with Director Bryan Michael Stoller at the world premier of The Amazing Wizard of Paws

On the Red Carpet with Director Bryan Michael Stoller at the world premier of The Amazing Wizard of Paws

Each morning when I awaken, I turn to my Robert and smile (even when I haven’t slept well!) and say, “Good morning!  It’s another day to live the dream!”  Each day I am grateful for the opportunities I’m given, the people I’m meeting, the song in my heart as I move ever closer to my goal of earning a living in the entertainment industry.

So again my question to you is this:  when do you think chasing a dream becomes living a dream?

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG!  (or dream small, just don’t go through life without a dream!)



  1. Life Is But A Dream…

  2. Barbra Griffin says:

    I love your enthusiasm !!! You will become your dream, Peggy !

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