Chasing A Dream: And Chasing and Chasing…

In chasing my dream, the past few days have consisted of chasing… and chasing… and chasing!  I’ve been chasing my husband’s dream of being a self-employed successful photographer.  Over the past several years, we’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars toward his education and equipment and training and software.  We’ve traveled to take pictures, and gotten up in the middle of the night to take photos, and stayed up half the night to take photos.

A Handful of His Dream

My Sweeheart on our wedding day

My Sweeheart on our wedding day

Truly, I feel as if we’ve grabbed onto a whole handful of his dream and we’re just now seeing the result of all of the efforts and expense.  After years of efforts, and a few teases along the way when he made minor amounts from his photography efforts, it seems to have landed in our laps.  As of this week, Robert officially became a self-employed PHOTOGRAPHER, with 43 designed/copyrighted/published postcards.  We got orders this week.  One of them a REALLY BIG (you know, to us) order.

I Bubble

The thing about Robert is that he’s a fairly low-key kind of guy who doesn’t bubble on and on when he’s excited, as I do.  I just sit and shake my head in disbelief and exclaim the coolness and wonder of it all.  I chatter.  I giggle like a school girl.  Robert just smiles.

Congratulations to my Husband

So I have to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet husband.  He has worked so very hard to overcome the challenges of never even turning on a computer until his mid-40’s, of seeing colors just a little different than most of us (one of his teachers even suggested he might be color blind (he’s not)), and of being way behind technologically.  He’s spent night after night, weekend after weekend working toward this events of this past week.  He’s had to ask ten thousand times for computer help, and software help, and organizational help (and he’s so independent that he does NOT like to ask for help!).  (and he’s had to listen to me fuss about helping when I’ve been too tired and felt too put-out to be the wife I wish I were.)


I have to say it again:  HE DID IT!  He kept chasing his dream until he’s now tasting just the tiniest bit of success.  And I am so proud!  Here’s the link to his postcard gallery.

So…. we can ALL do it!  Because you’re never too old to chase a dream.

so DREAM BIG! (It costs the same as a small dream.)



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