Chasing a Dream: Cure for Cancer

Since beginning my dream chase, I happened upon information about curing cancer.  I began doing cancer research for a friend whose husband had been diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate Cancer, which they were told had gone into his bones.  His cancer numbers were over 9,000.  Now, I don’t know specifically what that means, but I’m told it is about the highest numbers one can have and still be walking around above ground.  The prognosis was scary.

The research all pointed to cannabis as a cure, but living in Tennessee might well have been a death sentence since Tennessee doesn’t approve of medical marijuana use.  I kept reading.  My friends have a business to run, and family in Tennessee; moving to a state that approves marijuana for medical treatment was not something that would be easily accomplished.  And I kept reading and doing internet research.  What I found is… disappointing and frustrating and yet understandable, all at the same time.  Let me explain that statement:  I am disappointed that Tennessee politicians have not approved the use of medical marijuana when the research regarding the benefits is so well documented.  It is frustrating to me that healthcare corporations and their lobbyists are allowed to influence the medical treatment available to citizens because those corporations and lobbyists make huge monetary donations to the campaigns of politicians (and that’s not to mention the politicians who actually own and run healthcare organizations).  Yet I understand it:   money speaks much louder than sick people.  If marijuana were approved for medical uses, then people could cure themselves and the healthcare corporations’ huge profits would be impacted:  you wouldn’t need a doctor, hospital or clinic of any kind to prescribe a cure, you wouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for medications.  You’d be able to grow, pick and harvest your own cure.

Here is some of what I found in my research.  Rick Simpson, a Canadian, who had been diagnosed with skin cancer—after three rounds of traditional treatments and cancers that returned—remembered hearing that cannabis cured cancer, so he began his own research.  This man’s persistence is fascinating, which you can read here or here or here.  But getting Mr. Simpson’s oil seemed impossible to me, so I kept researching.

Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals CDB Hemp Oil

Bluebird Botanicals CDB Hemp Oil

And then I found Bluebird Botanicals.  Bluebird sells Hemp Oil—that has the CBD (cannabidiol) but not the THC of marijuana.  In real-person terms, that means that the oil they sell has the medicinal benefits but not the mood-altering effects of marijuana.  Their CDB Hemp Oil is sold in little bottles for about $90 or so (discounts for purchasing in bulk) and should last about a month.  I bought some for my friends because CDB Hemp Oil is supposed to cure many things, including prostate and other cancers, skin lesions, and lots of other issues.

Back to my Friend’s Diagnosis

So he took the Hemp Oil for several weeks and returned to the doctor to have his numbers tested again.  I am told they looked at him dumbfounded; they didn’t ask what he was doing (other than their treatment), but they did make this statement:  “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.”  His numbers had gone from over 9,000 to .0085.  Again, I’m not sure what “numbers” means, but even I can understand that a decrease in indicators for cancer is pretty amazing.

So… Do You Know Someone With Cancer?

If so, steer them toward these websites, share my research with them.  I’m not suggesting that someone shouldn’t take their doctors’ advice.  I am saying that if I love someone and they have cancer, I want them to give this a try.  Whatdya have to lose?

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  1. You’ve done some good ones…but this one is your best. Tears won’t let me type more words.

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