Chasing a Dream: I Didn’t Disappear!

Chasing my dream sometimes gets so busy that folks think I’ve disappeared—I didn’t!  I have to say, though, that the time has flown by and I didn’t realize it’s been ten days or more since I made a blog entry!  This is not good, but good things have been happening.

Dodging a Bullet

First, let me say we were in the process of buying a home and realized that the sellers had attempted to defraud us.  So we backed out of one contract and within an hour were looking at yet another home.  I’ll abbreviate the story for you, though, and here it is.  On Wednesday morning, July 2nd, at around 9 a.m., the sellers got our offer.  On Thursday afternoon—31 hours later—we closed on the home and were on our way to the grocery to stock up on things we’d need for the weekend in our new home.  So rather than having to pull up carpet, buy furniture and appliances and wait until Robert was in China to settle in, we moved into a home full of really nice and very comfortable furniture and appliances 4 days BEFORE he left.

What Just Happened

Here's the chandelier over in our dining room.

Here’s the chandelier in our dining room.

I have to say that we got here, sat down in our new livingroom, looked at each other and said, “Did that really happen?”  It all happened so quickly and so easily that it was very hard to comprehend, and all I could utter was, “It’s ours… we bought it…”  Few folks have ever heard of a 31-hour closing, but that’s what happened for us, and I am so grateful to everyone:  my real estate agent, the escrow company, our bankers, the sellers, the sellers’ real estate agent, the insurance lady, the utility companies, and the park management.  I’ve always said that stuff happens like it’s supposed to, and sometimes I am shocked at what falls into place for me.  We’re in a home that was loved and filled with love (the couple who owned it were married more than fifty years), and we are delighted to have evidence of it everywhere we turn.

The home is light and open and feels so welcoming.  There are windows everywhere and a sun porch and covered porch and patio (for grilling! yay!).  I’ll only show a photo or two because there’s still so much to do.  So y’all start saving your pennies to come westward…

Here's the view from my desk toward the livingroom... notice my cozy little chat area there with two rocker?

Here’s the view from my desk toward the livingroom… notice my cozy little chat area there with two rockers?

Robert’s Gone and I’m SO Busy

Robert left on Monday morning to take photos on a mission trip in China.  I’ve talked with him a couple of times since (for a total of 5 minutes), and the excitement and enthusiasm in his voice are amazing.  He is witnessing work that he never imagined possible, visiting sites and meeting people, experiencing a culture that he finds fascinating and amazing.  It’s wonderful to hear the awe in his voice.  I can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.

In the meantime, I’m still busy, unpacking, trying to get settled in, and enjoying my new home.  It’s better than I could have hoped, and I just love it.  What could be better than being in a home that has been filled with love for years?  Wait!  I know!  Being in that home with your own love, that’s what!

Thanks for being here!

DREAM BIG!  Dreams DO come true…


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