Chasing a Dream: Dreams and Money

They PAY YOU for doing what you LOVE!  Imagine the concept!

They PAY YOU for doing what you LOVE! Imagine the concept!

There’s one thing about chasing a dream that you have no way of knowing until you actual do it–that’s the money related to dreaming.  When I began the chase, I realized that I was entering an unknown realm:  releasing the security blanket and winging it.  I also knew when I embarked upon chasing my dream that SOME actors and writers get paid very well for what they do.  Now, I realize that’s not the “norm,” because most people in the entertainment industry are happy just to “make it.”  But I realized that I couldn’t have what I had AND get what I dreamed of, so we burned the darned security blanket and took off for the West Coast.

You Would Do What You LOVE for Free

I’ve often read that if you are doing something you LOVE, something about which you are PASSIONATE, then you’ll do it for free.  One speaker even said, “I’d PAY to be able to do this.”  Obviously, I didn’t begin the dream chase for the money (if it were only money, I’d’ve stayed at the law firm where I worked), because it’s costly to chase one’s dreams across the country.  It’s costly in more ways than you realize at the beginning, from things ALWAYS being more expensive than you anticipated to the physical costs in energy-draining activities and the mental and emotional impact of suddenly being away from anything familiar.  There’s the big things like being away from your family and friends; and there’s little things, too, like not being able to find a really good Mexican restaurant that serves good queso and salsa (believe it or not–the Mexican restaurants here do NOT have queso dip and their salsa SUCKS!). But the benefits outweigh those things:  waking up each day with excitement at what the day may bring, or that soaring feeling of knowing you performed well at an audition, or meeting others who are also chasing their dreams and the collective excitement in the air.  These things are really a boost, and I look forward to each day.

They Pay You For Doing It!

So yesterday Robert went to check the mail and returned with an envelope for me, saying, “I think you got a check.”

I was puzzled.  “For what?” I asked.

He shrugged and said, “I don’t know, but it looks like a check.”

I took the envelope and opened it.  Imagine my surprise:  it WAS a check!  It was for the shoot I did a couple of weeks ago–I HAD FORGOTTEN THAT I WAS GETTING PAID!  That’s when I started laughing and understood exactly what I’d always heard:  if you’re doing something you LOVE, you’ll do it for free.  I had so enjoyed the great time I had on the set, that I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that they actually PAY YOU FOR THIS STUFF!  Loving it AND getting paid.  What a concept, huh?

DREAM BIG!  Just do it for fun!


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