Chasing a Dream: Fashion Designer

In my blog several days ago, I talked about meeting a young woman who was chasing a dream to be a fashion designer.  Specifically, a fashion designer for Barbie:  clothing, accessories, etc.  As has been my goal from the first thoughts of having this website, it was my intent to do whatever I might to help remove any obstacles to dream chasing for other people, and I took the opportunity to talk with the people at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) about the young woman I’d met (whose name happens to be Dana Jenell while my own daughter’s name is Dana Michelle).

Dreaming Creates Passion

Now, let me assure you that I really did nothing other than share my own purpose (promoting dream chasing).  But the passion that that incited in Dana Jenell was amazing!  I think she had gotten into a bit of a lull, for whatever reason, much as we all do from time to time, and had gotten off track a little.  But let me tell you, that young woman has come back with a roar, and is now planning to attend FIDM beginning in the Fall semester.  She told me she has to work hard, save some money, and get her stuff in gear to make it happened, but she is a strong, determined woman and I think she’ll be hugely successful.

The admissions advisor at FIDM suggested that she learn to sew, and she’s already made calls about private lessons to do just that.  She’s also planning to do an Indiegogo project for funding, so if any of you are inclined to help a future fashion designer toward her dream and wish to continue, I’ll be sure to post her project once it’s ready.

I’m excited for her.  I get excited when I meet people who have goals and enthusiasm and passion, and I’ll keep in touch with her along the way to offer my support and counsel, if needed.  Isn’t it funny how something that incites passion in someone else creates joy and enthusiasm for others?  I just LOVE THAT!

Until we meet again, my friends, DREAM BIG!


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