Chasing a Dream: Finding Happiness

It’s amazing to me how chasing a life-long dream—with all the uncertainty that accompanies such a huge move—can lead to finding happiness.

I'm Fricking Giddy! (I just can't jump this high!)

I’m Fricking Giddy!
(I just can’t jump this high!)

Fricking Giddy

I admit I was VERY apprehensive about giving notice to my employer that I was leaving a job I’d held for almost 15 years.  A secure job (well, as secure as a job can be these days) with good salary and benefits.  The uncertainty I’ll be facing made me literally quake inside, with waves of uneasiness washing over me from time to time.  Then I did it—despite the misgivings, despite the anxiety, and despite my decades-long quest for “security.”  I won’t say that the apprehension vanished overnight, but something inside shifted.  Somehow inside me sprouted a whole new way of looking at the move, and before I knew it, I became FRICKING GIDDY.  I sit around with the goofiest grin on my face now. I literally drive up the street smiling. I’m quite positive that observers wonder if I only have a half-dose of good sense or if I’m quite well medicated.  Neither is the case, however.  I’m just flat-out, no-holds-barred JOYFUL.


The plain and simple truth is that I suddenly feel FREE.  In another two weeks, I will have no obligation to report downtown each day at 4.  Sunday afternoons will not be cut short by having to stop whatever it is I’m doing to go to work (and thus, fewer people on Nolensville Road will get cussed on Sundays after 3:30).  Suddenly, I am unencumbered.  I can’t remember the last time I felt such unfettered freedom.

Old Struggles to a New Focus

I have struggled with a hundred different things over the last thirty-something years.  From finances to medical, from mildly irritating to life-threatening.  I realize the struggles have been my focus for as long as I’ve been an adult.  With the decision to quit my job—THE DECISION TO SIMPLY STOP WORKING FOR ONLY MONEY AND BEGIN TO CHASE MY PASSION—my entire focus has changed.  Will I have struggles?  Sure I will.  Will I still have doubts?  No doubt about it.  But I also have a new focus on what makes me happy, what makes my life joyful and delicious.  I’m focusing now on what I WANT rather than what I need—or worse—what I “should” do.  I’ve realized that what I should do is be happy.  Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow, and what a shame it would be to never try.

So… DREAM BIG!  I always do!



  1. Jan loman says:

    Reading this was inspiring! And so well put! Now I understand why I felt so much better after leaving that job! Now … I do appreciate whatmI’m doing now and the baby steps that I’m making for something else 😉

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