Chasing a Dream: Finding a Home in LA

This is the little home we fell in love with!

This is the little home we fell in love with!

When we got here on Saturday, though it had been my fantasy that we’d find a new home quickly, I had begun to question the possibility of that fantasy.  I mean, I always say to “DREAM BIG” but I had begun to feel that maybe a dream that far-fetched was just too… you know, far-fetched.

My New Best California Friend

And then yesterday I met the real estate broker with whom I’ve been talking  for a number of weeks.  Susan is a sharp, real estate savvy, no-nonsense woman whose first priority was ME.  What can be better than that?  Nothing.  So Susan became my new best California friend, and is someone I adore already.

Susan had been sending me searches for 55+ mobile home communities (which is exactly what I’m seeking), and Robert and I have perused photos and done all the research possible from 2,000+ miles away.  We started out yesterday with a plan to look at half a dozen homes, ranging from very affordable to more than I wanted to pay.  By the end of the day, we had fallen in love with the cutest mobile home—enough room for Robert’s photography, my office, and a guest room, too!

Let Me Tell You About Our Little Find

The home is on a corner lot, close to the office, community room and pool.  The amenities of the community are things like fitness room, putting green, spa, sauna, the already-mentioned pool, shower rooms in the pool area, and more.  There is a view of the mountains from the end of the driveway, and the entire community is gorgeous, with well-kept homes and beautiful landscaping.  I adore this place!

It was obvious to me that the former resident loved her home.  Unfortunately, she’s no longer able to live alone, and her family is selling her well-loved residence.   The home itself is around 1500 sq. feet, with a covered porch and carport, and two storage buildings (one of which has electricity for our freezer!).  Double oven, separate utility room, and a place that’s light and comfortable make it a perfect potential home for us.  The neighborhood surrounding the community is GREAT… a beautiful, upscale family neighborhood.  So we made an offer.

Still Dreaming Big

I KNOW that when I told people we were going to stay in temporary housing for a couple of weeks while we purchased a home, folks thought I was nuts!  Maybe I was, but I was dreaming big, like always.  The mere thought of being in LA for only 3 days before finding a home and making an offer might well seem ludicrous, but it’s the dream I’m living, and it’s exactly what happened.  Have they accepted our offer?  Not yet, but I have faith that we’ll work it out.  After all, it’s my dream, and I can have it anyway I want it, right?

Keep Dreaming!

Dream BIG!  I always do!



  1. Congrats Peggy! I hope it all goes well!

  2. Beautiful home! I just shared with Cathy that she picked well on a real estate agent to rep for you. Excited + happy for you and hubby!

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