Chasing a Dream: The First Full Day

Our first full day in California in my dream chase was even more eventful than I could have hoped.  I am delighted that we opted to forego Las Vegas and drive to LA from the Grand Canyon because it gave me the opportunity to attend one of the weekly seminars offered by my Hollywood publicist, Rock Riddle.

Passionate about Creativity

You know, doing word processing at night for 14 years was overall good for my life in that it gave me somewhere to go after the death of my sweetheart.  It was a time when I was so immersed in grief that I could hardly put sentences together.  The night shift job was good for grief management.  The work came naturally to me because it was something I’d done for a couple of decades, and working the night shift got me away from home during the hardest part of my existence—the times when I would have been at home with him.  I’ve said many times my job was as good as any—I had a decent salary, good benefits and worked with some fine folks.  But.  Now, you know if there’s a “but,” something else follows that discounts what was previously stated.  And my discounting point is this:  DOING WORD PROCESSING WAS NOT WHERE MY PASSIONS LAY.  My passions are in being creative:  acting, writing, voice… poetry, stories, prose, scripts… expressing, entertaining, amusing, moving.

I had forgotten the soul-stirring excitement of being with creative people.  Until yesterday when I listened raptly as Daniel Knauf

From Pegram, Tennessee to Hollywood!  Who says it can't happen!?

From Pegram, Tennessee to Hollywood! Who says it can’t happen!?

talked about his own journey to becoming a successful creative.  At one point, he talked about “being” in a role (as opposed to “acting” in a role), and how an authentic moment for the actor moves viewers.  Oh my GOD!  I had lost that knowledge years ago.  I knew it as Lucy Van Pelt in high school; I knew it in “Night, Mother” when the audience sobbed in my most power scene; I knew it when people have read my work and begged for more.  But that knowledge had abandoned me somewhere along the way.  Tears sprang to my eyes with the recollection.  My inner artist has felt so bereft.

That was only one tiny tidbit I got from Mr. Knauf’s conversation with us, and I came away from the seminar soaring.  I feel as if I’ve begun to sip a little water after a long and painful thirst.  I am humbled by and grateful for the renewed awareness of how vital it is to follow one’s passions.  I am wide open for the adventure.  Thank you, Daniel Knauf, for restoring my understanding.

DREAM BIG!  I always do!



  1. I am so very proud for you my friend!

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