Chasing A Dream: Girlfriends Get-Together

More Than 50 Years of Friendship!

More Than 50 Years of Friendship!

One of the best things that has come of talking about Chasing a Dream is that it birthed the idea among my friends that “we” should get together before I move to California–a Girlfriends Get-Together!  One idea led to another, and Saturday was the day.  Oh, my!  What memories we shared, what fun we had!  What could be better than that?

Friends For Life

Eight of us gathered at Paula’s, all of us between 58 and 60 years old, and each of us still feeling like a teenager.  We wondered aloud, “How did we get to be almost 60?”  Most of us started school together in 1961 and have been friends ever since.  We shared memories of spankings in first grade, washing a wall we were accused of writing on, throwing up we laughed so hard (except one, who didn’t throw up but did wet her pants from laughing) (I had forgotten that about her!).  We talked about our first- and second-grade boyfriends, the little notes that said, “I love you, do you love me, Check the box,” that had “yes” and “no” boxes.  We talked about a jr. high basketball coach that didn’t look you in the face when he talked to you if you had early-sprouted breasts.  We read through Paula’s “Slam Book” (I’d forgotten about Slam Books!), things we’d written about each other when we were about 14 years old.

The difference between our growing-up years and now was never more evident than when we discussed our parents.  You see, we spent time at each other’s homes quite often.  Between sleep-overs and pajama parties, we knew each other’s parents, often quite well.  And each of us knew that a friend’s parents WOULD NOT HESITATE to discipline us if they saw the need.  We also knew that IF they saw the need, they would feel free to share with our own parents why, and we’d catch hell when we got home.  All of our parents participated in the community, made their presence known in our school and civic activities, and demanded that we behave respectfully and appropriately, especially when away from home.  I think it sad that that no longer seems to be the case among parents of school-age children, and I believe the children of today–more in large cities than small towns–are missing so much.

A Special Time

Saturday at Paula’s was a special time where love and memories and friendship felt so good.  I adore the ladies who were there, and several who could not be with us.  I mourn those who have already passed from this world onto the next part of their journey.  Saturday was a day to celebrate life-long friendships, to hug close those who were such a part of growing up in a small town.  It was a special time spent with special friends, each of whom wished me well in my chase and promised to visit me in Hollywood.  Thank you, Paula, Sheila, Melissa, LuAnn, Betty Ruth, Patty, and Wanda for a wonderful day.  I cherish your friendship.

Again I ask:  what could be better that that?





  1. I know how much these ladies mean to you. I am so pleased ya’ll were able to spend some meaningful as well as fun time together. A lot of people are going to miss you. <3

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