Chasing a Dream: An LA Milestone

AuntLiz1Yesterday was a milestone for me:  my first LA filming.  It was a small role for a big woman, and (as my cousin Jeannie put it) I was underweight for the role.  I don’t think I’ll get to say that very often!  I can’t say much about the role or film, but I can say this:  I HAD A BLAST.

I Loved the People

The crew members and the other cast members were people I REALLY enjoyed meeting.  The make-up lady, Leya, was so very special, and very good at what she did.  I was portraying a large, scary woman—and Leya made sure I looked the part!  Between adding thick, broken, yellowed fingernails to giving me a unibrow and two big, hairy, oozy looking moles on my face (along with a few skin tags just for that extra special touch of beauty), I was perfect.

Everyone was really delightful—EVERYONE.  They were a professional bunch of folks who had a good time doing their job.  Leya put it like this:  “I love what I do.  I love coming to work every day.”

That’s what I love about the entertainment industry!  People LOVE doing it.  I’ve never had a full-time job where I just LOVED going to work—and I’ve had what people consider “great jobs!”  But I’ve had nothing that I woke in the night and said, “I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow.”  When you’re working with an entire crew of people who love their work, it’s not like working at all!  We laughed and had a great time and did our work.  Oh, I am where I belong!

Getting Paid to Eat Fried Chicken

Hairy moles and skin tags

Hairy moles and skin tags

Now, I already knew my character was going to scream at kids, watch tv, and sleep in her chair—admittedly, these are some of my specialties—but when I got there and they told me I had to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, too—why, as I exclaimed, “That’s every fat girl’s dream!”


Going into my last scene, I knew that my time on the set was about to be concluded.  It was a matter of shooting me from a reverse POV (point of view) and doing some close-ups, so it wouldn’t take very long.  I was again “sleeping” in front of my tv in one scene and screaming at kids and eating (now cold) chicken in the other.  And when the director said, “cut, and that’s a wrap for Peggy!,” I have to say I was HUMBLED when the crew broke out into applause, telling me what a good job I had done.  There were goodbye hugs and business card exchanges and I left there feeling I had made a whole bunch of new friends.  It was a great day in LA.  I loved every moment.

DREAM BIG!  It makes your life so much more interesting!



  1. My dear, you’ve never looked uglier. I would’ve said lovelier but that would’ve been sarcastic…Love Ya 😉

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