Chasing A Dream: We All Need a Pick-Me-Up


Zooming traffic messes with my depth perception

This Dream-Chasing Stuff is HARD

When I first began to chase my dreams, I KNEW that we all need a pick-me-up from time to time.  I vowed, though, that I wouldn’t write about anything but good, positive stuff.  Really, that’s pretty much what happens to me: good, positive stuff.  I run into people I’ve met before and they are a spark of joy (like the lovely Alexandra Kovacs and the talented Bryan Michael Stoller and others).  And I do so LOVE being here… I love the atmosphere of creativity, the weather, and the fact that I can drive locally to get whatever I need.  Now, I can’t drive the interstates here for two reasons: (1) people zoom and 6 lanes of zooming screws with my depth perception, and (2) problems with “vision dominance” keep me off the interstates altogether anyhow, zooming or not.  But I swore I wouldn’t write about anything that wasn’t positive and upbeat and happy.

I don’t want to mitigate how very difficult dream-chasing really is, though, because it is HARD STUFF.  It’s scary and unpredictable and expensive and wears me out.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy to chase one’s dreams… the physical energy alone from being twice the age and size of most of the actors is difficult to manage, and my Robert is so very understanding toward that end.  The emotional rollercoaster of it all goes from soaring exhilaration to a downward plunge that is intimidating.

Missing Stuff

And then there’s just missing stuff.  Like family gatherings… children and siblings and nieces and cousins getting together.  Girlfriend outings and catching up with what’s going on with everybody.  Country music week (I never would have guessed I’d miss that one!).  My dentist and hygienist (whom I had gone to for 14 years), and knowing the way around without a GPS.  Neighborliness and sincerity.

What Would I Change About It?

I’ve asked myself that question several times.  I guess there’s very little I’d change, because there’s stuff you just don’t know until you’re in the middle of it.  Stuff like health insurance.  Stuff like nobody wanting to hire someone who’s over 50.  Stuff like an offer of help to someone being received with suspicion when all I’m doing is actually offering a lending hand.  You know, for free, no strings attached.  But it seems that I’m a dinosaur here in that regard, and I’ve been told that “nobody does nothing for free.”  Those are all things I couldn’t know.

Would I Change Chasing My Dream?

No.  I wouldn’t change it.  Even though finances are uncertain and scary, even though disappointments are difficult and … disappointing.  I am proud of us for having the courage to do what we’ve done.  To leave behind almost everything and take that leap of faith to chase our dreams all the way across the country.  I believe with my whole heart that we will be successful here.  Every experience is a new adventure, and adventures aren’t always good.  Everything we do is an opportunity to learn and grow, and we’re doing some of that every day.  But keep one thing in mind:



It’s much more fun than no dream at all. Thanks for being here!



  1. Hang in there. I can’t wait to see your name in the credits.

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