Chasing A Dream: What Do Nicholas Cage and I Have in Common?

First Princess Throne--Sassy Even in 1958

First Princess Throne–Sassy Even in 1958

In chasing my dreams in Hollywood, last week I discovered something very interesting that Nicholas Cage and I have in common.  He wanted to act from a very early age and, in fact, got his high school’s award for “best actor.”  Of course, mine was for “best actress” because of my role as Lucy Van Pelt in “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  Now, I know that that award and $1.09 will get you a glass of really good sweet tea at Mickey D’s house of the golden arches.  I also know that I don’t have a famous relative named Francis Ford Coppola (darn it!).  Quite obviously, too, I know that Nicholas Coppola (who changed his name to “Cage”) achieved his dream several decades before me.

There’s A “Knowing”

I’ve always believed in intuition and extra-sensory perception kinds of things, and I lately realized that I’ve always had a “knowing” that sometime I’d be in films or on television.  I don’t really know why I’ve felt that way, it’s just something that has been part of me for many years.  Honestly, I think I’ve always “known,” always had a sassy, indefinable attitude, which showed up as mischief in my eyes.

Robert and I took a road trip in the last few days.  Along the way, we talked about my many trips between Nashville and the Gulf Coast.   I began driving to the Gulf Coast in 1983 or so, and since I had a need for speed and a limited budget for speeding tickets, I had a CB radio (I know, can you believe it?!) in my car so I would know where to slow down by listening to the truckers’ chatter.  My CB handle in 1983?  “Movie Star.”  So even then, over 30 years ago, when I was decades away from pursuing a full-time acting career, there was a “knowing.”

Just an interesting observation on my way to my dreams.  I’ll see y’all in the movies!

DREAM BIG!  It costs the exact same as a tiny little dream, and it’s MUCH more fun!



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