Chasing A Dream: OMG! I Made Moving Arrangements!

As I proceed to check Dream Chasing activities off my list, one was “Moving Arrangements.”  It’s one of those details that makes things seem so very real… so right in your face.  It’s one of the details that I’ve postponed because there was so much uncertainty happening with dates and location and … well, I just didn’t have enough information to make definite plans.  But I realized that decisions and reservations must be made, and I set out with a long list for today, determined to move toward my dream.

OMG!  I Made the Moving Arrangements!

ReloCube to be delivered in a few days! That makes it VERY REAL!

ReloCube to be delivered in a few days! That makes it VERY REAL!

I had previously called the ABF U-Pack company and gotten a tentative quote from them, so when this morning’s quote came in at twice the original quote, I was more than a little anxious.  However, I was talking with “Tom,” and told him the original quote price, which he easily found in their system and honored.  Robert and I had also discussed loading and unloading help, so when they offered that option, I decided it would be well worth the cost to have two strong men unload the contents of our “cube” instead of doing it ourselves.  So… the arrangements have been made.  They’ll deliver the cube and store our items for up to one month, transport it to our new home in California, and have it unloaded.  The price is reasonable…  not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but not ridiculous.

Things Are Falling Into Place

The condo closing is scheduled for June 9th, and we’ll have everything packed and ready to leave town immediately afterwards.  The plan is to drive west, taking photos along the scenic route.  We plan to have a cooler packed to picnic across the country, drive 7 to 8 hours each day and take photos at sunrise and sunset wherever we land that day.

Now It’s On to the Next Thing On My List:  Temporary Lodging

So my next item to schedule is temporary lodging in the Hollywood/Burbank area.  Wish me luck with that!

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