Chasing a Dream: I ROCKED the Audition!

I believe that one of the most exciting things that can happen in the life of an actor is when you have an audition—any audition, really—and you leave that audition with this euphoric feeling: “I ROCKED THAT AUDITION!”

What in the World does that Mean?

Yesterday I had an audition.  It is exciting to me to get auditions.  You see, due to my unique physicality, I’d only get an audition in Nashville about once every 18 months, and only get cast an average of once every couple of years.  Only being cast every couple of years just doesn’t feed the soul of a performing artist, so I’d often find myself longing for so much more.  (For those of you who aren’t actors, I realize that it’s not easy to understand that yearning, and I don’t have to explain it to those who are actors.  I just want to USE MY TALENT.  I mean, using my skills in a job that paid well wasn’t bad… it was financially satisfying, but it just wasn’t intrinsically satisfying.  Within me lives a yearning, a longing to perform.  I suspect that kind of yearning lives within any performer, not just actors, but other performing artists—musicians, dancers, singers, even clowns.)  So having three scheduled auditions in the last four weeks is REALLY exciting to me.

Sunday’s Audition

The audition yesterday was for a LEAD role in a full-length independent film.  The role is that of a complex character who has a cathartic experience in the film and goes from sweet-sweet-sweet to an angry, vengeful, psychotic nut-bucket of a woman.  I LOVE playing these kinds of characters.  These roles portray an actor’s range and diversity.  Like, for example, the role Kathy Bates played in the movie Misery.  Kathy Bates had been cast a number of times before Misery, but I think that was her true break-out role, and now she’s on EVERYTHING, from Tyler Perry productions to prime-time network television, to winning an Emmy in the last week or two.  Heck, my dream is to pick up roles that Kathy Bates doesn’t have the time to do!  But first, I need that one break-out role that shows I can act.  The audition yesterday has that potential.

Prepared for the audition and ready to go

Prepared for my audition… I started out sweet-sweet-sweet (don’t I look like a cream puff here?)

Rocked IT!

Now, I had studied the script, marked it up, did the best interpretation I could with the three pages of dialogue I had to work with, and I felt pretty good about my preparation going into it.  The production team I met seemed great, and I was asked to perform the scene a second time after being given more definition of the relationship between the characters.  (Note:  It’s always a good sign when they ask you for another take after giving direction because they’re testing to see whether you can actually TAKE direction.)  Then I was asked to improvise a scene, given a directive and then free-rein to “take it where you will.”  I confirmed that “over the top” would be fine.  This is the “can she think on her feet?” test, so I had to immediately make a choice.  Realizing that the character is going to become a really nasty sort, I chose to portray her as more than a little bit grumpy, and ended the scene by screaming at an imaginary kid to get out, get out.  You get the picture.

When I left the casting room, I left four people smiling.  The atmosphere in the room had changed.  When I had entered, it was all business; when I left, everyone was smiling.

After exiting the room, I got so excited by how well I felt about the audition I was breathless.  The excitement of ROCKING an audition is… exhilarating.  (Poor Robert—when I’m exhilarated, I just chatter!)

Will I Get the Part?

That hasn’t yet been determined.  I don’t know whether I’ll get the part, and it’s not just my performance in the audition that will determine whether I get the part.  For instance, say the role of my movie-husband has already been cast.  Maybe he’s too young or too old to play my husband—then I wouldn’t be cast.  There can be any number of things that influence the casting that have nothing to do with my performance.  And so… I don’t know whether I’ll get the part, or whether I’ll even be invited to a “call back.”

What I Do Know

There is one thing that I knew when I left that audition, though.  Even if I’m not right for that role… even if that doesn’t turn out to be my “break-out role,” I still left four people smiling.  That’s four people who will remember me.  Four people who work in the production end of the film industry that I didn’t know before yesterday.  I did my best, I felt great about it, and I left the room with everyone involved smiling.  It was a great audition.




  1. Whoops! there it is!! Another sign you’re where you are meant to be ~ gracious gurl !!!

  2. Demetriss Tapp says:

    I love the way you describe each feeling..each reaction..each request and what it means…Matter of time, Peg..Matter of time…

  3. So Great the confidence you have has always inspired me thruout the years.You are the one to put a smile on someone’s face.And sweetie when the time comes you will be a big Star….I have great confidence this will or will lead to your big break.I Love You Girl, Stay Sweet and let that talent reading your chasing a dream.I love when you post on and hugs.

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