Chasing a Dream: Traveling Photographer

Robert will be able to take photos like this one of the Black Sand Beach in Hawaii!

Robert will be able to take photos like this one of the Black Sand Beach in Hawaii!

Chasing a Dream: The Traveling Photographer

Once upon a time, my Robert felt that his dreams of being a traveling photographer—going to exotic places and taking photos of awe-inspiring sites—would never be.  He’s stood before photos of lush rain forests and water falls in Hawaii and talked of the way the light fell upon the foliage.  He’s studied National Geographic magazines, turning the glossy pages and pointing out to me the skill of the photographers, the depth of field, the contours and patterns that lead the eye to a focal point surrounded by slightly blurred objects.  And he always, always spoke of the lights and shadows that create stark and beautiful photographs.  He never uttered the words that hid inside; he never expressed a longing to travel the world, camera in hand, recording the beauty and lushness of striking vistas, but I knew they were there.  A soulmate knows these things.

Robert and I have often talked about volunteerism, and his heart has longed to volunteer with Caring for China’s Orphans (“CCO”), a 501(c)(3) organization that provides love and basic necessities to orphans in China.  CCO ( was begun because two of the three lovely daughters of Tim and Jeannie Butler were once Chinese orphans themselves, and the Butlers recognized the needs of those children waiting for adoption.  Thus, the entire Butler family has for years worked to add a bit of comfort and much-needed aid to the lives of those children.  The Butler family’s work is inspiring and humbling, and the photos they take show the joy and excitement on each child’s face when they receive something as simple as hair clips or a pair of new socks.  Robert has a kind heart and has yearned to help those children. 


I am so thrilled to know that the unspoken dreams of my sweet husband will soon be falling into place, and this post is to simply CELEBRATE the traveling photographer!  Robert will be traveling to China in July on a mission trip to several Chinese orphanages, some in remote villages.  He’ll have the opportunity to photograph things he’s only dreamed of, to contribute humanitarian aid, to offer fun and games (because he really is quite silly) and receive a whole heart-full of joy in return. 

And on his way back from Shanghai, he’ll stop in Hawaii to take photos.  Yes!  He’ll be right there to photograph the lush rain forests and waterfalls and sunsets and volcano that he’s only seen in magazines.  What a wonderful opportunity! 

Host in Hawaii Anyone?

Most of the travel arrangements have been made, but we’re looking for a Hawaii host or pal to show him around.  We’re checking on CouchSurfing (more about that in a future post) or freeloading or friends of friends to open their hearts and help him find the most picturesque and quaint places to photograph in his three days there. 

Whatever lodging arrangements we make, the simple fact is this:  my Robert’s dream of becoming a traveling photographer will soon be true.  How cool is that?

Dream Big! We do!



  1. I am inspired. This has been a dream of mine for sometime. I wish the best of luck and great adventures to you both.

  2. Cudos to both of you. I am so proud that both of you are chasing your dreams!

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