Chasing a Dream: Truth About a Terrible Photo

This was the TERRIBLE photo!

This was the TERRIBLE photo!

I posted a nice photo on my Facebook yesterday, but I have to tell the complete truth about that photo.  You see, Robert indeed took a picture of me with Sam Culver, just like I said.  Except in the photo he took of me with Sam, I had this goofy-ass expression on my face.  I have no idea what tidbit of nothing I was yammering to Sam about, but the expression I wore was as unbecoming as it could possibly be (with my clothes on).  We didn’t check it at the time he took it, we just assumed the picture was okay.

Oh My God! UGLY Photo!

So we got back to the hotel and he checked it and even ROBERT—who adores me and thinks I’m beautiful even when I’ve been crying, wearing no make-up and I’m exhausted—even HE laughed at the weird expression I wore in that photo.  I was so disappointed with how the photo turned out.  I mean, CERTAINLY I couldn’t use that photo–we have to be careful about what photos of us are circulated, right?  Naw!  Heck, I’m from Pegram, Tennessee–I’ve got nothing to hide, the truth is what it is:  THAT PHOTO WAS UGLY! But what can you do, right?

Original photo with new head--better face, better hair!

Original photo with new head–better face, better hair!

The Miracle of Photoshop

Well, here’s what you can do!  There I sat on the bed in our hotel room, and Robert took another photo.  Truthfully, he took several more photos, with my turning my head, tilting my head, and smiling just so.  And with the miracle of Photoshop, he put a new head—a better expression—on the photo of me with Sam.  He got rid of the weird expression, and gave me a simple little smile.  So when you’re looking for a good photographer, make SURE he has access to Photoshop and knows how to use it!

DREAM BIG!  I always do.




  1. That is very useful to know. (Wicked laughter)

  2. Sherry Hardwick says:

    Peggy, you are beautiful….bad photo or not. Gosh we all need Photoshop
    once in a while. LOL

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