Chasing a Dream: Unlimited Possibilities

I think each of us has within us UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES, we only have to reach for them.  It’s all part of my dream chase.  You have to DARE to dream, DARE to think the amazing is attainable.  You have to believe, and then… you must move toward your goal.

Admittedly, I am—and have always been—a dreamer.  There was a time when I only dreamed (I called it fantasizing) because I hadn’t yet realized that dreams do come true.  There was a time when my dreams were tiny… you know, I’d dream that I would have $20 left over for gas (when it was 59-cents per gallon) after paying the bills… or I’d dream about buying TWO new pairs of shoes because the ones I was wearing were worn slam out and still had miles to go. Those were the dreams of a very hard-working single mother, and honestly I couldn’t see past them.  I could not imagine a future where I would sit down with film producers and screenwriters and actors and be ON THEIR LEVEL. Hell, at that time, I couldn’t even imagine taking a vacation!philosophy

Life Happens

So what happened to that hard-working, small-dreaming single mother?  Life happened.  I dealt with challenges I’d never expected, and my philosophy and tolerance for pettiness changed drastically.  My new philosophy was this:  “Once you’ve been asked to sign papers to amputate your kid’s feet, everything else is small potatoes.”  I challenged what I was told, I won a few rounds, I succeeded by my wits and determination and grit.  My dreams grew.


So today I find myself sitting in Ontario, California, about to close on a home that is more than 2,000 miles from all I ever knew.  Today I’ll attend another actors seminar, meet people in the entertainment industry, feed my creative side, and stoke the dream just a bit.  Today I’ll take yet another step toward the dream of making a living in the film industry.  Today I’ll relish the gorgeous weather here, sit by the pool and … dream.

DREAM BIG!  You’re limited ONLY by your dreams!

Thanks for being here!



  1. Catching up through these; thinking of you often and knowing that you are trying to do a lot in a small time frame to get settled in and hopefully that ‘s happening 🙂

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