Dream Chasing…. Before It’s Too Late!

fireworks-3Dream Chasing is a serious thing for me these days.

In looking at the potential for a 58-year-old, morbidly obese (that’s the medical term for it, not a judgment call) woman to actually BEGIN making a living acting, I must admit that the average person would believe that my chances for success in this endeavor seem very slim. Fortunately, slim chances have never slowed me down, and I really was struck by the timeliness of what I’m doing when I heard the news this morning about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death–at ONLY 46 years old.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was an extremely talented actor.  One wouldn’t have thought his chances for success were very good, either.  I mean, he wasn’t stunningly good looking.  He was a bit chubby.  He could appear to be quite nerdy.  In talk-type appearances, he sometimes seemed a bit loud and boorish; in others, quite articulate, educated and almost refined at times.  I didn’t know Mr. Hoffman, I’ve curiously watched him on television and in movies, because if you sweep aside all the things he appeared to be in an off-the-cuff format and watched ONLY his acting… you would be quite impressed.  His convincing portrayals were often quite moving… I believe he was an extremely talented actor and the entertainment industry has suffered a significant loss.

46 years old.  He was ONLY 46 years old and had risen to the height of a successful and (to me, anyhow) amazing career.  And when I consider that I’m 58 and just getting started… geez, it’s scary!  It makes me want to jump out of the day-to-day life I’m living and RUN toward the next one.  It instills in me a sense of urgency…  a sense of anxiety…  a sense of excitement.

I’m WEEKS away from chasing my dream.

Am I prepared?  No, I have much to do.  I need to find a home in the Hollywood area… I need to sell two homes here… I am working toward these things every day, from around 9 in the morning until midnight each night.  But my heart and soul are ready for the change.  Anyone in Beverly Hills with a vacant guest house should write me!  haha!

In the meantime, DREAM BIG!  I do.


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