Dream Chasing Prep: Weight Issues – Part 2

Okay, as much as I hate writing about weight issues, this will be Part 2 (and at this time I have no clue how many parts there will eventually be!).

Discovering Personal Trainer Food

Several weeks ago, I got an email with an offer for Personal Trainer Food, which lead me to their website and some investigation. Honestly, this sounds like a program I really need to do, and I placed my first order for Personal Trainer Food mere moments ago.  The Personal Trainer Food folks offer several levels, with the beginning level being $319, which includes lunch and dinner daily for 28 days.  Reading through the plan, it’s basically an easy, you-don’t-have-to-think-about (or do anything about) food low carb plan. In the all-meals/all snacks plan, you choose breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day, with the snacks being things like beef sticks, cheese, and almonds.  For breakfasts, you can choose from various selections of eggs and/or meat, some with cheese, and I have to say that the omelets with sausage sound pretty good to me.  There’s quite a selection of vegetables (including my favorite, lima beans) and an even bigger selection of entrees, from beef brisket to teriyaki chicken to Italian sausage.  All the feedback I’ve seen says this food is REALLY good… and I’ll say it looks good in all the photos.  The bonus here is that the Personal Trainer Food folks have uploaded videos of how to make your food more pleasing by adding allowed stuff:  mushrooms, spinach and cheese, to name a few.  They show you how to do a “burger stack” with their Angus burger meal or lettuce wraps with their teriyaki chicken.

Their REV Plan for Super Burn

They even have a “REV Plan” in which they guarantee you’ll lose 10% of your body weight in 30 days.  Of course, the REV plan–with that kind of guarantee–requires several very specific provable behaviors, like walking 10,000 steps per day that you have to be able to prove with a pedometer app or old-fashioned pedometer, and also requires that your doctor validate your weight at the beginning and end of the 30 days.  In the REV Plan, as I understand it, you eat only vegetables at dinner, but certainly I’m no expert on this plan, so feel free to check it out by clicking here.  In fact, by using this link, since I placed an order and you’ll be a referral, you’ll get a $25 discount, and I’ll earn a $25 credit on my next order!  That’s a win-win!

The Personal Trainer Food Reality Show

And while you’re checking out their website, click on the Reality Show tab at the top of their page.  I WANT TO BE ONE OF THE FIVE WOMEN SELECTED!!!!  I uploaded one video and have plans for another (but this darned cold weather has gotta break so I can get outside with my hulahoop).  Here’s the link to my video, in case you wanna take a look at it:  http://youtu.be/8PVxT_i5i3M.  I had SO MUCH MORE to say than the 5-minute video would allow, so… I’ll get another one done soon.

What Else I’ll Do With Personal Trainer Food

Well, of course, I AM a cook, and I absolutely know how to glamorize microwaveable packaged food.  It’s not merely adding things like mushrooms and spinach that makes this sort of thing more appetizing, so once I get my order, I’ll keep you informed of things I do to make it more palatable and workable in my life.  For example, what we will do for Robert’s meals while I’m on the Personal Trainer Food program, and how to make the meals seem more like family meals than packaged meals.  I suspect I’ll get on instagram to send my stuff out, certainly on twitter…  Oh, the plans I have!

In the Meantime, I’ve Been Low-Carbing

I figured that since the Personal Trainer Food program is essentially a low-carb program, that would be the way for me to start, so I’ve been low-carbing for about two weeks.  Essentially, even when we dine out, we’ll order a dinner and Robert and I will split it.  For example, Demos’s Restaurant in Nashville offers a GREAT baked chicken dinner that comes with half a baked chicken.  Robert eats dark, I eat white, Robert has the baked potato with butter and sour cream and the bread, and I have the side salad with Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing.  We both dine for just over $10 (with taxes and tip), and I’ve eat literally no carbs.  Meal-splitting with my Robert and minding my carbs has produced a loss of 13 pounds (351 to 338) in two weeks.  So… ONLY 187 pounds more to go!

This Chair Calls to me... I'm GREAT at ignoring the call!

This Chair Calls to me… I’m GREAT at ignoring the call!

I am sure that’s way more than you ever wanted to know about low carbing and my weight issues.  Now, if ONLY I can make myself use my Resistance Chair!

Y’all DREAM BIG!  I always do!

Love, p!

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