How to Find a Good Personal Injury Attorney

What a Nice Surprise!

coffeecup2This morning didn’t start out to be the best.  I awoke coughing and couldn’t go back to sleep.  In fact, I coughed throughout the night, waking several times (as well as disturbing my husband’s slumber… sorry, Baby!).  I ended up getting up around 7 a.m., which is pretty early considering I work until midnight.  So I’ve binked around (yes, that’s a made-up phrase, get over it, I’m being polite)  this morning, drinking coffee and generally slugging my way (as in moving like a slug) to the computer to check my email.

And one of my emails was about getting a new comment on an article on Yahoo Associated Content for an article I’d written on How to Find a Good Personal Injury Attorney, which you can read here if you’d like.  There are a couple of typos in the text there, but the content is pretty good.

The comment was from a reader named Zoe and said:  “This has been some of the best information I have ever gotten. You really lay out what people should be looking for and how to be sure you get someone that will work for you. I used these tips and was able to find a great place that will work for me. I am going to share this with everyone I know in need of a lawyer.”  And then she left the website of the law firm she’d found. (Thanks, Zoe!)

For a writer, getting that kind of feedback on something I’ve written is REALLY cool.    And I have to say that I reread the article (which is how I saw the typos I missed in the last read-through–argh! I hate typos!), and I impressed even myself.  So if you’re in need of a good personal injury attorney–or you know someone who is–you may want to steer them toward my article.

And if you’re seeing this post for the second time, it’s because WordPress is still confounding me.  But I’m not giving up….  I’m going to keep working at it until I get it right.

So on to more writing… and a much better outlook.



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