Chasing a Dream: Fire Tablet Makes Life Easier

There are a few things along my Dream Chase that have made my life easier, and one of them will surprise you immensely:  my Amazon Fire Tablet.  I know, I know, everyone recommends the latest gadgets and nobody has the money to get them all.  But I can tell you, THIS is one that has made travel so much easier.  It’s easier to keep up with emails, reading material, documents, and down-time when I can simply sit back and relax a few minutes.  Let me explain.

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Laptop vs. Fire Tablet

My laptop is NOT one of the expensive, thin, light-weight models that cost a wad of cash.  It’s several years old, gets increasingly heavier the longer you carry it, and is anything but convenient.  Having to unpack the laptop and the wireless mouse (because I have never been able to get the hang of that little built-in rub-your-finger-here mouse), then waiting while it boots up is… cumbersome and aggravating.  And then there’s the issue of where to put it.  As many people know, I just don’t have a lap.  My short legs leave no room for a laptop because my tummy and boobs are in the way (not to mention that even if I did have the lap, seeing over and around the DD’s would strain my neck).  So toting a laptop along on a trip of any kind is not convenient.  And now for the tablet.  It weighs a few ounces, boots up quickly, can be held in one hand, and is fast.  Checking email, doing a search for something (like a restaurant close by), or watching a video during a long wait is easy as pie.  Quick, light, and simple.  When you’re talking about electronics, THAT is just what I like (now men?  that’s a whole ‘nother story, cause I don’t like them quick or simple–but we’re talking about electronics here).

Cellphone vs. Fire Tablet

So, you say, I do all that on my cellphone.  Yep, you do.  Along with tweeting, messaging, answering rings and dings and generally ignoring everyone in your general vicinity.  Cell phones CAN be used for all the same things a tablet can be used for, it’s true.  But you re much less likely to be rude when using your tablet for those things.  Frankly, cell phone usage can be really RUDE, and that rudeness seems to be fairly widely accepted.  Let me give you a hint:  if you’re out to dinner with your family and everyone is on his or her respective cell phone, YOU ARE BEING RUDE. Not just that, but you are missing out on what could be special times with your loved ones.  Instead, you’re reading tweets and emails and messages that could wait for an hour while you actually converse and socialize with people you love.  Choosing your phone over real company is sad and results in ignoring your children, your spouse, and missing out on the joy and delight of people you might actually meet for a pleasant conversation.

My Fire Tablet Recommendation

So… if you’ve been thinking about the possibility of purchasing a handy little tablet, think about the Amazon Fire Tablet.  In fact, if you act fast (like within the next 48 hours), this link can take you to a discount code where you can get one for about $40 or so.  I have had mine several months and, frankly, I LOVE it.  It makes life on a roadtrip or any travel so much easier.

Dream Big!  I always do!


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