Living in LA County!


I Made It!

There were months of planning and dreaming… disappointment along the way.  Fear that woke me at night.  Always support from my husband, who was ready to go many months before I felt it was “time.”  There was crying… oh, my goodness!  There was a LOT of crying!  I cried when I turned in my notice on my job, I cried when I said goodbye, I cried when I sold my little house, I cried when I had to drive away and wave bye to my daughter.  But despite the tears, we did it!

We left Nashville on June 10th, driving toward LA.  We stopped along the way in New Mexico and Arizona and Texas.  Robert took some gorgeous photos of the landscape (but I did NOT let him take pictures of me, I was a mess!).  Spending several days in the car was exhausting, but we made it to Los Angeles on June 14th!

Less than a month later, we bought a home, and so… the Hollywood Plans are on!  My next dream:  land a role in a sit-com.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Yes, I’ve Had to Postpone The Move to Hollywood… for a few WEEKS!

At first, I was TERRIBLY depressed about having to postpone my move to Hollywood.  For weeks, I couldn’t shake the ache inside… I had SO counted on being in Hollywood for Pilots casting.  I had SO counted on not having to type for a living anymore.  I have a great job, I really do, and I can’t complain about much of anything there.  My boss is great, my salary is good, my work environment is good, my hours fit my life (now), there are some great folks with whom I work.  But here’s the rub:  I am a CREATIVE.  I write.  I act.  I create.  I mean, people sit in disbelief when I begin telling them about my creative endeavors.  Let me show you what I mean.

Here are some of my CURRENT projects:

  • developing my website and blog (which meant learning a LOT of new program stuff)
  • writing and marketing my ebooks
  • book trailers for ebooks (this meant learning new programs)
  • auditions – continuing
  • audiobook narration (this meant learning new programs)
  • developing a line of swimsuits for Big Girls (I call the swimsuits “Queenz”)
  • developing a new clothing product
  • developing a new convenience product for cell phones
  • figuring out how to manufacture/sell/market a frozen food product I have developed
  • writing business and technical “stuff” for folks (like letters of complaint, etc.)
  • taking classes in acting/voiceover/audio editing
  • helping Robert develop a website and learn to maneuver around computers and the internet
  • working a full-time job!

So you see, my life is VERY BUSY and most of what I do in my “spare time” has to do with my creative nature.  I have spent over 40 years making a living with my skills–typing, shorthand, and other office skills.  And my soul aches to make a living with my TALENT and my CREATIVITY instead of with my hands.  And that’s why severe, unrelenting depression set in when I realized we couldn’t move to Hollywood according to the schedule in my head.  We first have to sell our cabin, and I have to address some health issues.

I’m hoping that Spring will find me living in the general Hollywood vicinity.  It’s what I think about every day.  No, way more often than that.  So that’s the update on the move to Hollywood.

37 Weeks To Living in Hollywood!

Do you think I’m scared about moving to Hollywood?  Oh, yeah!  It’s exciting and hard to believe the count-down is on, but the plan is to begin 2014 in Hollywood.  We’re checking out 55+ mobile home parks (some of them are rent-controlled!), and looking to sell our other property before the end of the year.  But moving across the country at 58 years old, giving up the security of a long-term, secure (as any job is these days) position with a successful, thriving law firm leaves me with no small amount of anxiety.

But… I do trust God in it, and I believe we’ll be just fine.  In other words, yes, I’m scared, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do it.   What it means, though, is that I’m dreaming and doing things that should make it less scary.  Like this blog, for instance, and working on my other “inventions” and “ideas.”

The dream is BIG…  moving is a difficult task for someone half my age and size, so I know that I can expect numerous challenges and a lot of fatigue.  And I expect the reward to be tremendous.  After all, with the love and support of a wonderful husband, and all the excitement and joy we share, I think this new adventure will be a journey like none before!

My dream, of course, is that someone living in Beverly Hills–with a guest house and more money than they can spend in two lifetimes–will want an hones, creative, Southern gem who cooks and giggles her way through life to be their new best friend.  If y’all know anyone in Beverly Hills who fits that description, send them my way!



From photos Robert took at our first APS Networking event Hollywood.

From photos Robert took at our first APS Networking event Hollywood.