I’m Struggling With Word Press!!!!

Before I went Gray! (Taken 3 years ago)

Before I went Gray! (Taken 3 years ago)

Those of you who know me know that I am ONE STUBBORN woman.  And I have to admit that I think I’m a pretty quick learner.  I mean, I’ve been doing word processing and desktop publishing since the days of the “memory typewriter” (that could only remember 50 lines) and had a 1-line display.  So I realize that makes me a dinosaur.

But WordPress (and thus this blog!) is kicking my behind!  It’s like learning a new language for things I’ve done for years.  I want to ask:  what is a plug-in (plugging in an iron or hairdryer, I understand, but…)?   And widgets?  Tags are something on clothes… dashboards belong in cars (and take a lot of design input in the auto industry–I know, I’ve done that!).  And I can’t figure out the difference in a page, a post, and a menu, and why things should have categories.

But the Little Round Dinosaur here is scheduled to attend a Word Press boot camp soon, so maybe I’ll learn to update this site!  Until then, have patience….  or be amused at what I don’t know! haha!

Thanks for being here, and remember:  DREAM BIG! (’cause it costs the same as dreaming small!)




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