The Importance of a Great Support Network

I have garnered a GREAT support network in the last several months as I have talked about moving to Hollywood and chasing my dream.  And that support has come from the unlikeliest of places.  Often I have been quite surprised, and I’ve come to recognize these supportive folks as part of my Peggy! to California Team (I’ll call it The Team). 

As I embark on this life-changing and very scary journey, I have to say that even as a confident, not-easily-intimidated woman, there are occasional doubts that creep in—usually in the middle of the night.  When this happens and I lie in the dark contemplating the enormity of all that is to come, it almost seems that I’m choosing an overwhelming and daunting future.  It’s in these darkest hours that I must rely on support from The Team.  Let me give you a few examples.

The Biggest Surprise: Physician Support

I have two physicians—my “family” doctor and my “sleep doctor”—who are not only wonderfully skilled physicians, but are also vital members of The Team.  Not only are the doctors themselves part of the “Team,” but even members of their staffs champion my dreams.

Dr. Elizabeth is amazing in how interested she is in the plans, and we talk often about my long-term care because, quite honestly, health insurance is one of those things that is at this time an unknown.  I know there’s COBRA, but who can afford $1,300 a month or so for health insurance when there’s still a huge deductible on top of that?  So healthcare is an unknown just now.

The other—Dr. Kelly—applauds my courage (her word, not mine), and told me, “If there’s ever a time you need a cheerleader, you call me.  If you need someone to tell you, ‘You can do this, you’ll be great,’ you just call me.  I’m so behind you.”  Without my mentioning insurance, she went on to tell me that there are websites where one can obtain the medical equipment and supplies I need (I have sleep apnea and use a breathing machine at night).  Dr. Kelly offered to help me learn about these sites so that I can afford the supplies I need.  I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for her enthusiasm and encouragement.

Next Surprise:  My Supervisor and Co-Workers

The number of times my co-workers and supervisor have expressed their support is humbling.  (Of course, there are some wise-asses in my life who comment that perhaps it’s because my co-workers WANT me to leave and will say ANYthing to push it along.)  I’ve been told several times by my supervisor, “You’ll do great out there.  You have the personality to fit in, you’ll do just fine.”  She lived in California for years, and has offered to help me find employment, assuring me that someone with my skills won’t have a bit of trouble finding work. 

Here's My Desk at Work (Notice "Hollywood Princess" sign!)

Here’s My Desk at Work (Notice “Hollywood Princess” sign!)

Many months ago, I began a week-to-week countdown to the end of 2013 with a sign posted on my desk that said “___ Weeks to Living in Hollywood.”  Colleagues would regularly check my sign.  One attorney who said “I can’t stand the thought of you leaving,” even changed “12 Weeks” by adding a “1” to make it “121 Weeks to Living in Hollywood.”  Now, of course, I’ve had to postpone the move from first of 2014 to sometime in the next several weeks… but the support is still there. 

BIGGEST Surprise:  Complete Strangers!

Yes, I said “complete strangers” offer support for my chase.  Whether it’s someone I encounter in the community while shopping or dining out, or someone who overhears a conversation from the next table at a meeting, complete strangers often open their hearts and bestow upon me their sincere best wishes.  People ask for my website, offer to follow me on my blog, and give me hugs of encouragement, even when they know they’ll likely never see me again.  Getting that kind of love and support from complete strangers is simply awesome.  Next week, I’ll tell you my secret for getting support from complete strangers. See you then. 

In the meantime, DREAM BIG (I always do!)!


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