It’s Not About What You Have or Give…

What Do You Remember About Special People In Your Life?

I think I’m one of the most fortunate people I know because I have been so privileged to have WONDERFUL friends.  TRUE friends.  The kind of friends you don’t have to talk with every day but when you do talk with them, it’s as if there’s never been a gap… you pick right up where you left all the last time, rushing over words because you’re so excited to speak with them.

I’ve given a lot of thought to those friends because the times in my life that were so very bleak–nights when I would sit in the floor at Vanderbilt Hospital and weep, or walk to Dana!’s bed a hundred times, longing to touch her but refraining because she needed her sleep.  I’d stand and note that someone had left on the lights at the KFC store below the windows to our room, or put my face against th e cold glass and think about times I’d felt safe.  Sometimes I’d take out my list of “People to Call When I Need a Lift.”  That’s really all I needed to do–take the list out and read it.  Because that was usually enough to give me the boost I needed.  You ask why…

My “People to Call When I Need a Lift” list held the names of people who were precious to me because of HOW THEY MADE ME FEEL.  Some made me laugh.  Some made me feel sexy (and doesn’t every round woman love that????).  Some made me feel like I made good choices, and so often I was incredibly insecure about the choices I had to make, especially where my daughter’s health was concerned.  Some people made me feel balanced because I could count on them to offer good feedback, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear!  They had earned my trust and I knew that they had only my best interests in mind.

As I’ve matured, I’ve come to value those relationships even more as I’ve realized that it was never about what they had or gave me, it was never about what they could do for me.  It was always about how they MADE ME FEEL.

So what is it you value about the special people in your life?  Thanks for being here!

Remember:  DREAM BIG.


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