It’s YOUR Life: It Should Be YOUR DREAM

Whose Dream Are You Living?

Her parents dreamed of a criminal justice career but HER dream is to design for Barbie!

Her parents dreamed of a criminal justice career but HER dream is to design for Barbie!

I had a wonderful meeting last week, a meeting that felt almost magical.  I met with a lady named Misty who graciously agreed to help me in my WordPress struggles.  Misty was a young mother, doing her work on the wifi at Mickey D’s so her two boys could play in the new playground there.  As we talked about the kind of dream I have for my website (I want to feature dreamers who are chasing or living their dreams), I got very excited (and maybe just a bit loud?).

I think that excitement was because it’s my second nature to want to help people, and the most fun part of having this site is that I want to help people realize their own dreams.  I’m great at solving problems for other people, truly, and I want to brainstorm with people to see how they can pursue their own dreams. 

And during the meeting at Mickey D’s, a young woman in the next booth overheard my excited conversation and asked if she could tell us what her dream was.  Well, that’s part of why I’m even doing this website, so the answer to that question was an immediate “Yes!  What’s your dream?”

It’s a dream I have never known anyone to have:  She wants to design Barbie dolls.  Let me repeat that.  SHE WANTS TO DESIGN BARBIE DOLLS. Is that a neat dream?  Think about it.  This young woman–Dana Jenell–wants to design the dolls and accessories that are welcomed, cherished and loved by girls all over the world.  She wants to design their clothes and make things that give nothing but pleasure and play.  I like that dream!

As we talked, she told me that her parents had urged her to pursue a career in criminal justice because she has an analytical mind and there would always be a need.  She began college pursuing just that: a degree in criminal justice.  She didn’t say what her ultimate “goal” was, whether it was to be a detective or probation officer or eventually an attorney or prosecutor, but the route to where she would end up began with a degree in criminal justice.  However, something happened along the way—something traumatic—that made her realize that a  career in criminal justice wasn’t HER dream.  And when she truly thought about what her dream future job would be, there it was:  fashion and design, in particular Barbie fashions and design.  Dana has checked out where you have to go to learn to design Barbie dolls, and she’s dreaming of a way to afford the $40,000 a year tuition.  I think she’ll make it.

So the conversation with Dana J. made me realize that we have to dream our own dreams.  Truthfully, I had a dream of acting as a child, but I thought it was just a fantastical thought and nothing more.  By the time I realized it really could happen, I had a daughter whose big brown eyes sparkled at me every day, and I felt I owed her the best, most stable life I could give her.  That stability didn’t include moving to Hollywood to pursue an acting career—to me, it meant staying close to family and friends, staying close to her doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital, and going to work and taking care of family obligations.  So that’s what I did.


Here’s the takeaway.  You have ONE life (well, that we know of), and if you want to live a dream life, it has to be YOUR dream.  Otherwise, you’re just living someone else’s dream.  So, LIVE YOUR DREAM.

And Dream BIG… it costs the same as a little dream!


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